Family Games for all Ages

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Happy Black Friday! I prefer to order from my computer instead of fighting crowds, so I thought I’d share something for those doing the same thing as me! I’ve been on a hunt lately to find family games for all ages. Meaning, I want games that we can all play together and everyone has fun. My kids age from 4-13, and it can be tricky finding games that fit all of those ages. (Okay, maybe it isn’t ALL ages, but from younger to older). I did a Facebook poll recently, and asked a few friends their favorites, so I thought I’d share some of my research along with some tried and true that we love! I think games are the perfect gift at Christmas time for your own family, as well as for friends. We exchange names in mine and my husbands families, and games are perfect–in my opinion. I am not a “strategy” game kind of person, I’m a “conversational” game kinda gal, I want laughter and joy to come from games–at least during them.  Sometimes there is sadness at the end (when someone doesn’t win) but those are good life lessons, too–we can’t all win;) Click on the game names to see the (affiliate) link on Amazon.

Family Games for all Ages

First, our tried and true:

1. Ruckus

ruckus family game

All of my kids as well as my husband and I LOVE this game! It’s a simple card game–easy to tote around on trips, too. It’s a matching game that’s fast paced. Our youngest often teams with one of us, but sometimes she has her own hand, and if you are slow, sometimes it’s an advantage in this game! The box description says, “Fortunes change quickly” which is so true for this. I like it because anything goes, and you play several rounds–as many as you’d like–throughout the course of the game.

2. Sequence States and Capitals

sequence states and capitals

Have you played regular sequence before? It’s also fun–it’s face cards on the board, but THIS one is a bit more educational and I LOVE maps!!!  You match up the state to the capital throughout the game. You can play 2 players or teams, engaging enough for the 13 year old, and my 4 year old does great, too (with some help from her teammate).

3. Scrambled States of America Game

scrambled states of america game

Did I mention I love maps? This is another fun educational/silly game that is fun for all ages!

4. Pass the Pigs

pass the pigs

We’ve had this game in the past, lost it, and I think it’s time to get a new one because this game is so fun! It’s so hilarious to see how the pigs land, and get excited to see the points rack up!  THIS party edition also looks pretty awesome–more pigs, more players!

party pigs

5. Story Cubes

story cubes game

I gave this to my husband a few years ago as a gift. It’s a simple game of imagination where you shake up the dice, and tell a made up story from the pictures.

Now for 5 games we don’t have that I’m thinking I’ll gift for Christmas this year.

6. Spot It

Spot It

I played this game with the youth girls at church a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun! You gotta pay attention, and you gotta be quick!

7. There’s a Moose in the House

there's a moose in the house

I was shooting a family photo session a few weeks ago, an the family pulled this game out and said it was their favorite game. I watched them play and laugh, and I thought I should try it with my family!

8. Quiddler


A few people mentioned on that Facebook post, this game, and when I looked it up, it has some pretty fabulous reviews! I think I’m going to look closer at this one!

9. Tenzi

Tenzi game

Several people also mentioned this game, and I’d never heard of it! Fast and furious dice game, sounds fun to me! You roll your (10) dice until you get the same number for all of them–a race to beat the other players with their number!

10. In a Pickle

In a Pickle

I’ve heard from several sources that this is a fun game! I like how it’s also educational in learning synonyms, so thinking this might join our game family this year!

I shared a whole other post about MORE Family Fun Games, check it out! Click on the image below to see them.


Honorable Mentions:

Other games that we love, were mentioned on my Facebook poll, are more commonly known, or over $20 include: Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, Wackee Six, Phase 10, Chicken Foot

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