Gifts for Photographers

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Looking for some fun Gifts for Photographers?  Here are a list of my go to recommendations for the photographer in your life.

gift ideas for photographers

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member that loves photography, I have got some fun gift ideas for you! There are ideas for every photographer, no matter what the skill level.

Gift Ideas for Beginners

50mm 1.8 lens I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. A 50mm lens is a MUST for a beginner photographer. The “kit lens” that comes with your camera will not help you to understand photographer as well, and will leave you frustrated. A great fixed lens makes a BIG difference! This is a great purchase, at just over $100. Canon or Nikon (click the link for your respective camera body)

christmas gift idea for photographer

Say NO to Auto Beginner Photography book and workshop video Yes, I wrote this book, but I still love to share about it because it’s helped thousands of people learn to shoot in manual settings as beginners! I get emails almost daily with excited photographers telling me how the simple explanation and format really helped them learn, and I LOVE hearing that! You can buy the e-book, printed spiral book on my site, printed flat book on Amazon, or the video workshop.  Options!

gift idea for photographers

Join The Camera Academy for Moms! I created this slr video course to help moms take better pictures of their kids, in a variety of situations. $100 discount from the original price when I launched 3 years ago! (Included in the course are also digital copies and tutorials for my Say NO to Auto and Get Focused books as well).

Adobe Photoshop A GREAT starting place to learn photoshop. It’s the basics, with tools to edit photos. (I have a video tutorial on how to use photoshop in the above course).

gift idea for beginner photographer

Lightscoop While my preference is shooting in natural light, every once in a while, a photographer needs a boost from the flash. The on-camera flash by itself will give a “deer in the headlights” look, so using something like the Lightscoop will help bounce the light. I love it because it still teaches to use manual settings. (Video tutorial on how I use this also in my course)

Christmas gift ideas for photographers

Intermediate to Advanced photographers:

85mm 1.8 lens This is my FAVORITE lens! It’s not the best “starter” lens, but I love it for portraits, as it gives great BOKEH (blur) right out of the camera.  I still keep my 50mm around, but this is my baby.

pro photographer gift idea

Get Focused Intermediate Photography book The sequel to Say NO to Auto, this book helps those that have stepped beyond the beginner phase, and want to better understand how to get crisp images.

Get Focused intermediate photography book gift idea

Backdrop Stand I love my portable backdrop stand. It can clip fabric or roll vinyl or paper backdrops easily.

backdrop stand for photographer gift idea

Tilt Shift Lens A fun lens to play with, that allows a bit of creativity to the stagnant photographer.

Lens baby Tilt Shift lens photography gift idea

Eye-fi SD card If you have a professional camera body that has wi-fi capabilities, this is a great card to gift. It allows you to share pictures right from your dSLR to your iphone or computer without any cords! Make sure it works with your camera!

camera gift idea

Gift Ideas for All Photographers

Stylish Camera Bag There are many brands out there, and I’ve got a few of them, but Jo Totes is my favorite for affordability, functionality, and stylish. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, but I’m crushing on this one right now.
Gift idea for photographerShutter Hugger  I have LOVED this idea since I first saw it years ago. These little stuffed animals are made to “hug” the shutter lens, and GREAT for photographing children. Any photographer that takes pictures of kids would love this, whether beginner or pro. I chose the monkey, because as my clients know, I make an excellent monkey sound. Telling the kids to “look at the monkey” for those posed shots, this is perfection.
Photographer gift idea monkey shutter huggerCLICK Magazine Subscription I was THRILLED when I saw this magazine debut two years ago. Finally, a beautiful magazine for photographers, not just a techie mag about equipment.

camera magazine

Photographer t-shirt I have this shirt and love the double take I get from people when I wear it!
tee shirt camera giftCamera Shaped Flash Drive I love this cute little device that transfers pictures from one spot to another. You can never have too many flash drives.
Christmas stocking stuffer for photographerFOTO strap I love these straps and have a few of my own.  They come in great colors and you can even have them engraved.
stocking stuffer for photographer

Camera Necklace There are so many great options for camera jewelry on both Amazon and Etsy. Do a search to find something unique.
stocking stuffer for photographer
Remote Control I’ve shared some posts on How to Take your Own Family pictures, and having a remote control can come in VERY handy!
photography gift idea

Camera Art Print There are so many fun designs online, I found this colorful print of cameras. Look around for one you love!

camera art print gift idea

Camera Lens Mug These cups looks like the REAL DEAL! I have been gifted one by my husband, and one by my brother, and I love them both (they look different). Several styles to choose from, just make sure you get the right brand for your photographer.

stocking stuffer idea for camera lover

Instax instant camera This is just like the polaroid camera “back in the day!” I have this one, and it’s so fun. The film can be pricey ($1 per picture) but so great for special occasions!

photography gift idea

I hope this list of gifts for photographers led you to the perfect present for the photographer in your life!

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