Family Levitating Halloween Pictures

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Learn how to take Levitating Halloween Pictures to create fun family memories and spooky Halloween decorations you can enjoy for years to come.

How to take Levitating Halloween Pictures

Do you remember a few weeks ago I shared how to take floating pictures as a fun Halloween activity? Well, I was able to convince my family to do a SECOND round of family pictures, just a week after our annual card family pictures, and do a theme for our church Fall Festival! I’m not sure HOW I’ve missed the boat all these years, doing a family theme. I mean, I LOVE Halloween, love to throw parties and go to them, but not since I’ve had all 4 kids, have we done a family theme. I’ve enjoyed them picking out their own costumes, and they will do just that on Halloween night (it’s just my girls that care), but for our Saturday night family party, I decided (and convinced them all) just 2 days before to do this theme. I LOVE how they turned out!

I was delighted when my girls were cool with it, because they are the two that were most passionate about their individual costumes. But they were totally cool when they knew they’d still be able to wear them on Halloween night. One of my boys went along with it, while the other pushed back a touch saying he “doesn’t like face paint.” Well, when I begged a little, he conceded. I have the funniest video (that I’ll never be able to share) of him squirming while I was putting the face paint on.  He really didn’t like it. I love him for going along with it for me.

My neighbor came to help snap the pictures.  We got some levitating, some individuals, and some couple shots, I can’t complain!

As I was scrolling through Instagram last week, I found a picture that gave me the idea to wear all black and white and paint our faces like Sugar Skulls.  I pulled what we already had together, grabbed a few things at Good Will, Wal Mart, and a touch of Party City. My awesome neighbor Gen painted mine and my husbands faces, while I did all the kids.

First off, here is the levitating photo. I think my youngest looks the BEST, like she’s really flying!

How to take Levitating Halloween Pictures

See my post on levitating (link at the top) for how we achieved this. (BEFORE PICTURE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST)

Then, I couldn’t resist a couples picture

How to take Levitating Halloween Pictures

Then we got some individuals of everyone…

teenage boy sugar skull costume

Teenage Boy Sugar Skull Halloween Costume


Girl Sugar Skull Halloween Costume

(Found the leather jacket at Good Will, and my daughter was pretty excited about it!)

Here is a close up on the coolest false eyelashes. I got them at Party City, and they had a ball at the end of each lash! And I made my head band when I couldn’t find one!

Sugar Skeleton Halloween Costume

I couldn’t find the exact on Amazon, but I found a lot of lashes there.

We took a few in front of our home at the end, because I wanted to SEE FEET! I have a thing about this…

Family Skeleton Halloween Costumes

Here is my favorite serious family picture (SO HARD not to smile!)

Family Halloween Costume

And…how about another of my husband and I?

Where to get our sugar skull costume pieces:

I’ll end with an action shot of my youngest, she really had fun getting into character! I love that we’ve created a family memory, aside from collecting candy, this Halloween.



family halloween costume


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