Family Style Italian for Dinner

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With my son running Cross Country in High School, he is encouraged to “carb load” the night before a race. I thought it would be the perfect time to head out to Buca di Beppo and try the 4 for $40 meal deal.. I remember when this restaurant came out years ago, and how fun it was to eat family style. My kids had never been, and they thought it was pretty cool, themselves. Here is our family selfie, about to go in, one just can’t take too many family selfies in my opinion.

Buca di beppo Italian restaurant

The 4 for $40 coupon is for 1 family style dish, 1 salad, and garlic bread that is great for 4 adults. Since we have 2 adults+2 teen boys, that was =4 adults, and the girls got a kids meal. My kids LOVE spaghetti, and it’s the perfect pre running dish, so that’s what we got.

buca di beppo family style spaghetti


I asked our waiter to take a shot of us eating…oh yes I did. Luckily, we went early enough that it wasn’t too crowded, and my kids could be crazy, per usual. I don’t mind crazy, but my husband tends to get embarrassed from time to time.  We don’t tend to eat at a real restaurant very often…like twice a year it seems. We get pizza take out, or the occasional Wendy’s run, but a wait-staff restaurant is rare with this crew. We were laughing at whether or not it was more difficult taking them out when they were toddlers or now. The jury is still out on that one. Mostly, they are just noisy. I like me some noise.


family dinner night

Family meals are so important to me, both at home, and going out to eat. I especially love eating out because I can just show up without any prep, and leave without any clean up!

My son ran his Cross Country meet the next morning his fastest ever–2 miles in under 12 minutes! Woohoo! It must’ve been the spaghetti…

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