Father’s Day Gift Tag {You are the World}

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Father’s Day Gift Tag is a great way to just “put a tag on it” to any gift for dad. With a great quote and design with options for grandpa or blank, too.

Father's Day Gift TagFather’s Day Gift Tag for the man in your life, whether it be dad, son, grandpa, or a close family friend.  In just a few weeks, we’ll celebrate the fabulous Father’s in our lives, and I wanted to share a Father’s Day gift tag created by Kiki & Company for me!  I told her I loved this quote: “To the world you may just be one person, but to us you are the World.

I love this quote SO much, and it fits so well to how my children adore their dad. My husband is a pretty amazing father. He’s fun, adventurous, easy to talk to, patient, and a great spiritual leader in our home. Our children adore him, and for that I am grateful. We don’t do grandiose gestures for gifts on holidays like this, but simple words of affirmation and kind services from the kids (see what they did for Mother’s day). I know a quote/design like this will mean a lot to him, he likes the sensitive mushy stuff. {This post was originally shared 4/1/15, updated 5/1/17}

Besides that, the quote can be attached to any type of gift, framed, or I attached it to a glass Mason jar filled with some of his favorite treats:  beef jerky.

Father's Day Gift Tag

Not only do we gift give to dad on the holiday, but also to grandpa’s and parents to their grown son’s who are now fathers. The tags can be applied to all 3 roles, or really to anyone because there is a blank banner to fill in any name or title!

Father's Day Gift Tag

Father's Day Gift Tag

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Download the printable PDF here

I actually cut out the globe for the blank banner and put it inside of my jar lid for a little extra design fun.

Father's Day Gift Tag

I was trying to match the printable and put in some green Andes mints as well as pretzel goldfish, but you can really do anything inside of a jar or bag or box with this fun tag!

See what Kiki has done on her page with Me and My Dad Frameable Prints!

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