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Download this free checklist for any occasion. Print it off and make your list!Free Printable Checklist for any occasion

All Occasion checklist

Recently I was searching for a free checklist online and I couldn’t find one anywhere! I liked the idea of bullet squares to check off. Since I couldn’t find a checklist for myself, I asked my designer friend to create one for me and all of you! My son is preparing to serve a mission. You may have seen I recently shared some missionary signs that you can also print for free. They are a guessing game for where the missionary will go, along with some printable arrows to point to locations on a map.

I wanted this checklist because all of a sudden there were SO MANY THINGS TO DO, and I needed something like this to try to organize myself a little bit with the task at hand. I’m not generally an organized person, but a checklist makes me feel like I can be! Sometimes I’ll add items to a list AFTER I’ve done them so I can feel a sense of accomplishment when the overall task is done. Does anyone else do that??

Uses for the checklist

  • Packing for a trip
  • Shopping for groceries
  • One day to-do list
  • One week to-do list
  • One month to-do list
  • Party planning
  • holiday planning
  • meal planning

What would you use this to-do checklist for?

>>>Download your checklists here:

Free printable checklist 1 column

Free printable checklist 2 columns

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