Free Easter Basket Gift Tags

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Hi there! It’s Jessika Reed from Hip and Simple. I’m getting really excited for Spring and to share these Free Easter Basket Gift Tags with you today.

Free Easter Basket Gift Tag Printables - @hipandsimple

I’ve got 6 bright and festive gift tags for you to choose from.

There is space to write in your child’s name. Just print, cut, hole punch and tie to your basket. I used a glue stick and added some construction paper to the back to add a little color border but that’s not necessary if you don’t want to. Your kiddos will delight in seeing these fun Easter basket tags identifying which basket is theirs!


Free Easter Basket Gift Tag Printables 2 - @hipandsimple

You can download the 8×10 Free Easter Basket Gift Tags here.

free printable Easter Gift tags

I hope you’ve enjoyed these today. You might also enjoy some of these other things I’ve shared recently on my blog. @hipandsimple

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