General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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It’s the weekend! I’m very excited that for 8 hours this weekend (4 Saturday/4 Sunday) I get to listen to a prophet of  God speak. I love how I feel uplifted when I jump into the scriptures daily, but to hear a modern day prophet speak about our current issues is like scripture, too. For that reason, I’m not going to post my regular Saturday/Sunday posts. If you’d like to watch as well, head to (LDS is a knick name for Latter-day Saint/Mormon)

general conference

Twice a year, the first weekend in April and October, our worldwide church gathers to the internet at their homes, or satellite dishes at the church. We replace our standard local Sunday meetings to listen to the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. With him are 12 Apostles, just like in the Saviors day, and other leaders that speak to us about forgiveness, happiness, parenting, receiving inspiration, service, temples, death, kindness, and whatever other topics they each feel inspired to share each time.

12 apostles

As a teenager, I’d take scrupulous notes. I was so eager to learn and grow and better myself. I’ve got journals filled with words as I heard them.  Then I had kids and wasn’t able to write as much as I wrestled with little ones. Now a days, my kids take care of themselves and I am encouraging THEM to take notes, so I am trying to be better about taking notes myself again. It’s helps me focus, and therefore learn more. It can be tricky when we are at home with so many other distractions. And to sit still with 8 hours (total) of spiritual instruction, but it’s worth the perseverance to feel the golden nuggets of information.  Fortunately, all of the talks can be accessed online after (video or typed), and will come typed out in a magazine in early May.

We are encouraged to not just listen, but to be prayerful and write down questions beforehand that we have on our mind that we would like guidance for, or seeking answers to questions.  Sometimes I’m better at this than others.

This time I’ve written down several things as generic as:

  • How can I be a better wife?
  • Better example to my children?
  • Have a more organized Home?

Then more specific:

  • Listed a few peoples names that I would like to love more or serve more.
  • How can I better teach the teenage girls each Sunday, as that is my congregation assignment for now.
  • How to recognize when someone needs lifting up

Then with those things in my mind, the Spirt works in ways that my soul is stirred to do more, be better, be aware.

I’m trying THIS to help my kids listen, it can be long for them, so I like to make it fun to help them. {Edited to ADD, I LOOOVE this method using “Conference Cash” it helped me have really great conversations with my kids after they took notes to earn cash to tell me about what they heard. I’m so grateful I saw the link, we talked for an hour after the first session of conference sharing thoughts!}

If you’d like to listen, the Sunday morning session is catered to those that may not be as familiar with the teachings, but tune into  from 11-1 and 3-5 Central on both days to catch a glimpse or “feast upon the words of Christ.”

I’ve shared about my faith in posts, and even offered a free Book of Mormon to those interested in learning more. Click on those links to read more, or check out the conference to be uplifted!

Do you have questions about life, faith, religion, family, death, God that you feel are unanswered. Tune in, even if you don’t share my faith, you will feel uplifted, promise.

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