This page is dedicated to information on the Eagle project of my son, Tyler Duke. We will be traveling to Ghana in the summer of 2015 to visit my parents (Tyler’s grandparents) who are currently serving as missionaries in the area. We wanted to do something meaningful while there, and when speaking to our reps, Cory and Stacey Hofman at Ghana Make a Difference, and the headmaster of a local school for children at a family home, the suggestion for building soccer (futbol) goals really peaked the interest for Tyler, since he loves the sport, too.

From Tyler: The children at these schools do not have families as we are used to in the United States. They live in a what we might call an orphanage, but they prefer it to be called a children’s home. When I heard that the kids at the school often use rocks or sticks on the ground as their goals, I thought it would be a great project to build goals and set up nets for them for my Eagle Scout project while we are visiting Ghana. The head master of the school, Richard, said they would be overjoyed to have their own goals at the school.  I love playing soccer, and thought it would be fun to share this love of mine with the kids in Ghana, because they don’t have a lot of things of their own. I thought building these goals and bringing them supplies would bring a bit of happiness to their lives.

Here are the fliers I’ve passed out with more details on what we are collecting:

Soccer Letter

*Unfortunately, we are not in need of soccer cleats, per the school head masters request. It would be difficult to accommodate the entire school, and these other items are easily shared.

***After a neighborhood collection day, we are still in need of: balls (size 3,4, or 5), jersey’s (any size k-12), shin guards, and non electric pumps!

Our goal is to raise $1000 to cover the cost of the goals, nets, and other items we will pick up for this project. We are also collecting (new or used) soccer paraphernalia that we will transport and deliver on the day of the goal installation. If you live out of the area, and want to mail items (Amazon Prime?), please do so by JUNE 15th and ship to:

Tyler Duke c/o Kristen Duke

PO Box #4085

Cedar Park, TX 78630

If you don’t want the hassle of shipping, we’d love a donation in $1,$5, $10 or whatever you’d like to give to help fund the goals and supplies.  You can do this in one of two ways.

1) PayPal. It can be in any amount from .25-$100 or whatever you’d like. It will be an easier process if you have PayPal already.

Donate now with Paypal

click on the link above, then once there, click on SEND (see below for screen shot)


type in: and put in your dollar amount, then hit CONTINUE

Once there, hit “friends and family” (there will be no charges attached or percentage taken out)

paypal screenshot

title it “Ghana Soccer” so we will know how to allocate the funds.

PayPal our preferred option, but it only works well for those with an account already (or willing to create one).

2) Go Fund Me takes a small portion of $ collected. But if you don’t have PayPal, then Go Fund me will be easier, and we are very happy to have anything! They require a $5 minimum donation.

Please email Tyler at if any questions or needs.

If you’d like to make a difference beyond supporting this Soccer project, click on the logo below, and see how you can help in Ghana in the future!

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