How to make a Glitter Anchor Shirt

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I’ve had lots of people ask about the anchor shirts we wore on our family cruise in January. I was so very happy with how they turned out, having been a first for me. So here is a little how-to.

Glitter Anchor Shirt

It was quite easy, though it took some drying time in between layers. I used a sheet of vinyl as my template. It sticks to the surface and makes it perfect to not go outside the lines. I have a vinyl cutting machine, so I was able to pick my design and make quite the perfect shape, but if you don’t have a machine, you can trace your shape and cut it out with scissors or an exact-o-knife. You can purchase a sheet of vinyl at your local craft store, or even a roll of it, or online.

matching family shirts


{The little one has a sad face because we said she couldn’t have ice cream before dinner. Mean parents.}

The color of the vinyl doesn’t matter, as it’s just your stencil. I used purple.

What you’ll need:

make an anchor shirt

First, using the fabric paint, I painted inside of the anchor. After letting it dry, for the BOYS, I just painted on a second layer, as they weren’t going to get the glitter. If you don’t want glitter, you can stop there and peel off the vinyl. For the girls, I wanted a little bit more glamour, so took a risk with a method I’d never used before. I found blue glitter that was very similar to our blue paint, so I was VERY excited to use it! When I painted the second layer, right after, I sprinkled glitter all over. I wanted it to stick to the wet paint. I was very generous with my glitter sprinkling, as I wanted it to cover every surface area. I tilted the shirt around a little to make sure it got every nook and cranny.

I then waited for that to dry, before applying the fabric mod podge layer to seal it in. I then slathered on the fabric mod podge, and I was happy that the glitter didn’t seem to come off, it was stuck to the paint pretty well.

After that dried, (I let it sit 24 hours) I peeled off the vinyl template and voila! I had my glitter anchor shirt!  I am very very pleased with how it turned out! I’ve now washed them several times and it’s stayed just great. It’s nice and thick off of the shirt and is such a great texture for any shape or design.

matching anchor shirts

So go ahead, make your own shirt! It can be for the family, or just yourself. Glitter or non glitter, but it’s fun to be creative and have the satisfaction of DIY’ing! (Doing it Yourself)

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