Glow in the Dark Halloween Bat project

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I made this Glow in the dark Halloween bat project 2 years ago, and didn’t want it to get lost in the archives, so I’m pulling it out for re-display! I still LOVE it!!! This is how I decorated my mantel around it the past 2 years, I need to figure out how to still display it this year, while changing it up some.

When it isn’t holiday time, I like to have my 24×36 canvas of a Puerto Rico pier I took years ago (see below). I didn’t want to put all my spooky stuff around my pier canvas, I thought they would compete for attention, so I knew I needed something big to take its’ place, and thought….why not make something? I realized the bat significance later. If anyone knows about Austin, we are famous for a bat colony that lives under a bridge downtown. It’s a tourist attraction in the summer to watch them come out at sunset. Here is my room before:


There is so much orange and black halloween stuff, but I love when green and purple are incorporated. Since I have my green armoire, I thought I’d focus on purple (I mean, it isn’t really used much in other holidays, either). It worked out well as the night sky in my bat scene.

My inspiration came from 2 places. First, I saw this colorful board somewhere in blogland (I really wish I remembered where, if anyone knows, plase let me know) and it started my wheels turning. I loved the empty space in the corner and the spiders (I couldn’t decide between spiders and bats for my project)… …then saw this sheet of scrapbook paper:

I planned to mirror this paper, but when I was looking for a bat hole punch, I found this card with the moon and decided to go in that direction.

I went to Home Depot and had them cut down a $5 board to 24×36 (same as my pier canvas). I primed with a grey primer (what I had) and then painted the edges with orange toll paint.

Then I added the purple and taped off the orange edge for a straight line…I added another layer on top of the purple for texture…

I took the below shot with my pocket camera to show a friend the bats I had. I got a pack of paper bats at Joann fabric that was a Martha Stewart brand. I was going to cut them myself, but I don’t have a steady hand when it comes to those things and I worried I’d get frustrated if it didn’t look great.

There were lots of big bats, but I wanted a variance in size. I asked a bunch of my scrapbooker friends if that had a bat punch and no one did. But my friend Lynn saved the day when she said she had a bat cartridge for her cricket machine and could make it any size. I’d never played with the cricket before, so it was fun to watch the process. I got lots of cute littly baby bats! The moon was sortof a last minute addition, and I really like it. This project sat on my kitchen counter for a full week, so glad to have it off and in its’ place! And guess what? It’s GLOWS in the dark!

This pic was taken with a 2 second shutter in pitch black…I’m not an expert on night photography, but you get the drift. The purple has a light glow, but it doesn’t show up as well in this pic.

I love colorful decor, and I feel this brings out the fun and bright of halloween instead of the gothic and dreary. Oh, and can you see the pic in the green frame? Hubby and I dressed as vampires 7 years ago:) Happy Halloween!Your kids may also enjoy these fun Halloween activities!


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  1. This pretty much rocks…how fun that it glows in the dark!

  2. My kids would totally love to make a project like this–thanks for sharing!


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