Gold, Green, & Red Joyful Print

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I’ve been pretty much obsessed with Gold lately. Gold clothes, gold nails, gold decorations, gold Christmas cards, gold prints. Today is our monthly 10th blog hop, and I was so excited with that theme, had the perfect idea to share! This Gold Foil Joyful print!

Christmas Gift Idea with free print

I actually had my designer gal create this print for me to gift to my friends at the Christmas night I had last week. Gold, red, and green confetti along with my kinda made up Christmas phrase, “Tis the Season to be Joyful.” I used the gold frame on my table, and was so delighted that my local IKEA donated the red, green, and white frames to house the beautiful print!

Ikea frames

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Back to my print. I am THRILLED with how it turned out!  Here are all 3 color options

Christmas Decorations

I asked my friend Jessika to design this print, and I said I wanted confetti and gold foil. I’d seen the digitized golf foil before online, but didn’t quite know how to make it. She wrote down the steps for us, so if you want to try it, you can, yay!

To copy a shape or gold foil lettering, you need to do the following:

1 – Google “gold foil” and select “images”. Save a copy of the image you wish to use to your computer.
2 – Open the saved image in Photoshop.
3 – Using the shape tool, draw out the shape you want over the image.
     To do this with text – Create a new text layer and type your wording in the font you want to use. Select a letter with the magic wand tool and then go to select —> similar to select all of the letters. Click back over to the gold foil image layer.
4 – With the gold foil image layer selected go to edit —> copy.
5 – Create a new layer and then go to edit –> paste.
6 – Turn off the original image and text layers (eyeball icon on the layers palette) and you will see your shape in gold foil.
7- Save as a .png file with a transparent background and then you can use the new shape on a design or layout.
This can be done with any pattern or image.
Because I had 3 different colored Tolsby from IKEA, I wanted the prints to be slightly different to match them. I wanted more RED in the green frame and vice versa. But all of them have the gold foil in it. So, depending on the color of frame you have, you can choose different prints. These frames are actually double sided, and can house TWO prints, I love that!
Christmas Decoration
After all of the prints were inside, I had my friend help me tie bows on them. (The bows were quite glittery and it got everywhere, but it was worth it because it looked so fabulous after!)
 tying a bow on ikea frames
Christmas Gift Idea
Want to download the prints???
You can download all 3 colors in either a 4×6 .jpg (as I have pictured here) or an 8×10 PDF. Just pick which one you’d like on THIS DOWNLOAD PAGE!
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Christmas decoration

Thankful to IKEA for donating the frames, I asked them because I love them!  All opinions are my own.

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