Golden Birthday Party

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My daughter had her golden birthday when she turned 12 on the 12th! I’m surprised how many people didn’t realize that meant it’s “golden”.  It is just an extra fun way to celebrate!  So we celebrated with a golden birthday party!

Golden Birthday Party Ideas

Golden Birthday

A Golden Birthday is when someone turns the age of the number day they were born. 1 on the 1st, 7 on the 7th, 12 on the 12th, and so on! My oldest was born on the 1st, and I pretty much just missed that golden opportunity. But I’m ok with it. My 2nd turned 10 on the 10th of October, and we celebrated with a Golden Soccer party. Then, my daughter just turned 12, and hopefully I’ll remember when my youngest turns 17 in 9 years.

I suggested a golden party to my daughter and she wasn’t very excited about the idea. At first she wanted to do a Harry Potter party because she loves the HP books. Then she decided she wanted something low key. I told her we could do some low key golden decoration, lost of fun food, and the activities could be whatever she wanted them to be. When she said a breakfast, I suggested our favorite chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes, donuts, and then when I mentioned bacon, her eyes perked up! We are bacon lovers, she and I. Hooray, she was all of a sudden excited about the golden birthday party after all.  And I got the green light!

golden birthday donut cake

Golden Birthday Party Ideas

I love decorating a party around 1 color. I did that with the pretty purple party, and found it is actually pretty easy to just do everything in one hue. Because I collect things like paper lanterns in a bunch of different colors, I just had to dig into my party supply to pull out a bunch of gold stuff.

If you haven’t read my post, 10 tips for throwing a DIY theme party, check it out.  You will see the essentials I keep that I use on all parties.

We started the party with the hot breakfast. Her favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes from the Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook

I made a bunch of gold glitter glasses as a gift for the girls to all take home. My girls helped me make them.

Golden Birthday Party glitter glasses

Besides gold, I tried to stick with neutrals…NO FRUIT AT THIS BREAKFAST! With bacon, sausage, pancakes, I added the juices orange and apple, they fit pretty well into the colors.

Golden Birthday Party food table

I threw in some golden dipped oreos, ferrero rochers (her favorite), and almond hershey kisses as take home treats. I gave them all a clear bag, and they filled it with glasses and candies.

My daughter planned all the party games.  Here are the games they played:

  • Candy game. All you need is a pair of dice. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and everyone starts with a random candy. When someone rolls doubles, the candy rotates. When the timer ends, what candy you have is what you get. Intense at the end!
  • Would you rather. She printed off questions and put them in a jar.
  • Questions on a ball. Like hot potato, we played music and when it stops, whoever has the ball, answers the question their thumb is on.

golden birthday party games

Pajamas and gold glitter glasses!

golden birthday party ideas

golden birthday party food

Here are some of the items I used for this golden birthday party:

With some confetti throwing at the end, I think we all had a grand ole time!

golden birthday

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