How to make Glitter Glasses just for fun!

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A year or so ago, I stumbled upon a blog called The girls with the glasses, and I became enamored with their style, and the glitter glasses they wore. It seems in the past few years, glasses have been very cool.  I remember in 3rd grade, when I was directed by doctors to wear glasses, they were most definitely not so cool then.  Last summer, and I became a woman on a mission to find some gold glitter glasses, but they were not to be found. So, I decided I was going to make them. My girls and I wore them in my 37th birthday shoot, and I even gifted them to a few friends (see below).  Today, I shall share how my gold glitter glasses came to be, and how you can make a pair of your own!

How to make your own glitter glasses


Back to the 3rd grade….I hated my glasses. I was told to wear them in class, and one day, my teacher, Mrs. Jackson, asked me why I wasn’t wearing them. I said I left them at home. She asked me to bring her my backpack, and I started to cry.

Of course, I was lying, my ugly bottle glasses where in their floral case in the front zipper of my backpack. I brought more attention to myself with my tears, and had to wear them the rest of the day. I don’t know how long I wore those things, but miraculously (and seriously) my eyesight improved and I no longer needed to wear them. Today, I have perfect vision. As I stare at this computer screen day after day though…I can feel them getting worse. Time will tell.

Back to the glitter glasses.

I’m in love with them, and I hope you love them too! They are just fun…and silly…and pretty!

The glasses are very inexpensive,  purchase a dozen on Amazon (affiliate links below) and just pop out the lens.

immitation ray ban black cheap sunglasses

Here are the supplies:

Step 1: Spray paint glasses gold, it gives a nice base to work off of, and we aren’t covering the entire frame with glitter

Step 2: Spread mod podge glue around the front of the frame

Step 3: Sprinkle gold glitter generously, let dry

Step 4: Apply final coat of mod podge to seal in the glitter, let dry

Step 5: Place on your face, look fabulous

How to make glitter glasses DIY

After the coating, let it dry!

Kids craft DIY glitter glasses

Voila…cuteness! If only I had these glasses in Mrs. Jackson’s 3rd grade class.

Kids crafts make your own glitter glasses

Just for the record, I’ve tried glitter spray paint in the past, and I’m not a fan. The real glitter glued on, gives much more of a glittery impact!

Under $10 for a dozen, less than $1 each!

When I made the glitter glasses last summer, I took some fun pictures with my girls (click to see more) and my girlfriends!


friends in gold glitter glasses

Now grab some glasses, and declare a craft day with the kids or your friends, or make them as gifts! They are SO fun!

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