Graduation Cap Folding Card Free Printable

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Do you know anyone graduating this year? I’ve got a graduation gift idea with free printable that I’m excited to share with you today.

Graduation Cap Folding Card Free Printable Final

Watch the below video for an easy step-by-step of this graduation gift.

When I graduated, I remember getting this fun graduation gift cap card. Unfortunately, I can’t track it down but knowing that graduation season is quickly upon us, I thought it would be fun to try to create something like it from memory.


Graduation Cap Folding Card Free Printable

This is a pretty simple graduation gift idea. You’ll need to print it double sided on cardstock, cut the edges, do a few folds and add a little glue. I’ve included fold marks on the .pdf as a reference and I’ve got some pictures below to help you with the process.

Graduation Cap Folding Card Free Printable Collage

If you wish to include the money pocket, you simply fold over the extra paper notch, with the stripes on the back, run a glue stick on the two outer edges and press down. It will leave the middle area open and you’ll have a nice little pocket to stick money or whatever you wish in. If you’re lucky in the graduating year, you can even write out the numbers of the year with the bills as I have and put any additional money you wish to include hidden behind that. This also works well for a check or a note. If you don’t want to include the pocket, simply trim it off. There is plenty of room for a little note or words of wisdom. You have a pick of tassel colors that you can glue on the top and you are done!

This is a unique little card that will leave a lasting impression and will be much appreciated by any grad. I’ve got the card in two sizes for you. You can download them below:

8.5 x 11 – makes a 3.25″ square card

16 x 20 – makes a 5″ square card

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