Episode #012 Faye Ball // Growing up During the Great Depression

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I’m so happy to share with you one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE on the podcast today, my grandma! She turns 94 tomorrow, so I thought this was the perfect time to introduce her during her birthday week. Growing up during the Great Depression, my grandma learned to be thrifty. We start our chat talking about her dad serving in World War I, and how we barely survived.

Growing up during the great depression

{More pictures of this photo session with my grandparents photos on that link}

She then shares a traumatic story from her childhood, how she nearly died as a teenager, her crazy first job out of high school, and meeting my grandpa. it’s a miracle to think that I am here today after all of these stories!  She grew up in the very tiny town of Woodruff, Utah, 20 miles from Evanston, Wyoming. She lived the farm life, and her dad needed help on the farm, and you’ll hear why my grandma was the designated helper, and what she refuses to wear to this day!

Though I’d heard the stories before, I never tire of hearing them, so fascinating, such a different time. Her quote about growing up, “We learned to toe the line.”

Growing Up During the Great Depression #grandparents #greatdepression

I’m always impressed as she tells a traumatic story from her teen years, and how she blames herself for something out of her control. Then she got sick and nearly died, then she left home against her fathers wishes…whew, it’s a lot! Just wait til you hear the job she held right out of high school!

I’d LOVE you to leave a review, and share what stood out to you. As always, join me on Instagram and Facebook to discuss your favorite part of this episode, and though we didn’t discuss a lot of specific actionable parenting steps on this episode with my grandma, I hope you enjoyed our chat about her growing up. I think just remembering how blessed we are to live in the time we do, use the modern technologies to bring us closer to our families, not drive them away, is how we can live Beyond Good Intentions.

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Growing up During the Great Depression

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Grandma talked a bit about some things that might not make sense to some people. She was giving LDS or Mormon jargon, so I wanted to share more about those to people who might be curious.

Patriarchal Blessing // Relief Society // Sacrament Meeting // Seminary

Growing Up During the Great Depression #grandparents #greatdepression

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