Halloween Bingo

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This Halloween Bingo game is perfect for the Halloween party you may be throwing, or just a fun activity with your kids to lead up to the spooky holiday. I like CUTE and colorful monsters, and that’s just what I’ve brought to you. Grab your free print here!

Monster Bingo

Halloween is all about spooky and scary, but I’m all about the cutesy scary stuff. Is that a thing? These colorful monsters just melt my heart, and it’s just the right kind of creepy for my Halloween fun. I’ve got six different printable cards for you to print here today. If you have a party bigger than 6, then break them into different groups.

This Halloween bingo game is perfect for the elementary school party. I’ve hosted many of those as room mom in years past. The teachers generally like to have the kids in groups of 4 or 5, and they have stations. One station is a craft, one is a snack, one is a game like this. At the table, have the cards printed, and some kind of candy or other object to fill in the squares as each monster is pulled from the bag.

>>>>Download the BINGO cards here: monster_bingo

Halloween Bingo with candy markers

Get ready to have some fun with this Halloween Bingo game. You may even want to call your friends over for lunch while the kids are away at school. Surely, the ladies of the neighborhood will want to test out the Monster Bingo cards!

I’ve got lots more ideas for Halloween on my site, so head to the HOLIDAY–HALLOWEEN ideas for recipes and other holiday fun!

Do you have a favorite monster in the image above? Mine is the little pink gal with one eye, waving to us!

You may also enjoy the free printable monster jokes I shared with the same colorful little guys on them. Cut and print and send with the kids lunches!
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