Halloween Spooky Mirror

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Hi Friends, its Marie from Blooming Homestead and I am so excited to be here at Capturing Joy to share this super easy and fun Spooky Mirror. In our home, we love to decorate for Halloween and it is always fun to see what new diy items we can add each year. This mirror might be one of my favorites and today I am going to show you how to make one of your own!

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy


  • 12×12 beveled mirror
  • black matte spray paint
  • craft cutting machine (such as silhouette or cricut)
  • self-adhesive vinyl

To start off you’ll want create your stencil, if you don’t have a craft cutting machine you can use an exacto knife on the self-adhesive vinyl purchased at the craft store.

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy


When you have your shapes cut out, you can apply the transfer paper to make it easier to apply your stencil.  Now it is time to prep your mirror. You’ll want to make sure you get your mirror wiped clean and dried before you apply the vinyl so it will be sure to stick to reduce paint bleeding.

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy

Now, apply your vinyl stencil to the mirror. Press down and make sure that the vinyl is adhering. Gently peel off transfer backing starting in 1 corner.

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy

Once your backing is off, you can spray paint over your stencil.

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy

When you have your mirror completely painted, you can start removing the vinyl stencil. You’ll want to be careful that you don’t scratch the paint off the mirror when you’re looking for a starting point to remove the vinyl. Take your time and gently pull the vinyl off the mirror. Mine came off easily and did not pull off the paint, but if you have that problem you may want to press down on the lifting areas with your fingers as you remove the stencil.

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy

And that’s it, your Spooky Mirror is ready to go!

Super easy tutorial to make this "Spooky Mirror"! #halloween #diy

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