#024 Hank Smith // Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

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I am thrilled about this episode. When I told my kids I was interviewing Hank Smith for the podcast, I was met with quite excited responses. They were kinda star struck, because they think he is a rockstar. He’ll go into detail a little better about what he does in our chat, but he’s basically a motivational speaker that travels around, encouraging youth and even adults to do good…be good…and even secrets to a happy life through humor and seriousness and then humor again. It is truly a talent, and we can’t get enough of it.

He has the ability to make serious things funny for kids and turn it into real life discussions. Thought provoking and insightful. But if you’re coming for this interview for comedy, I hope you won’t be disappointed, but I really enjoyed all he had to share, the life behind the spiritual comedian. A peek into his world, why he does what he does, and how he is raising his family.

The Secret to a Happy Life

Secrets to Happy Life and Parenting with Patience with Hank Smith

You can listen on my website right here:

There are some note taking worthy nuggets that I know you will love in our chat, and I outlined some of my favorites in the show notes.

A few of my favorite parts:

  • He shares his thoughts on PATIENCE with kids, things take TIME.
  • “Happiness is found in the brush strokes of life. Little by little.”
  • “Don’t complain about your blessings.”
  • Conversation with his daughter on trust vs. her judgement and her brain developing.
  • Those teens are almost there, but still an apprentice learning the trade of life.

Favorite family game: Mormon Bridge // UNO

Books he mentioned: 7 Habits for Highly Affective People // The Wright Brothers

His website: HankSmith.com  // Instagram: @HankRSmith

His book: BE NICE (his book) and Audio talks (we have almost all of them!)

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