Episode #18 Neal Ball // How a Childhood Injury Shaped His Life

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I’m so delighted to have this interview with my 94 year old Grandpa Ball. I already chatted with my grandma in episode #12, and so many of you listeners wanted to hear from Grandpa after his cameo at the end! If you liked her story, you will surely love his as well.

It’s hard to know how to title an episode for someone, let alone someone who has lived 94 years. Since his childhood injury has shaped so much of his life, I thought it was a fitting title, but we talk about so much more!

From him calling himself a “spoiled brat” as a child, losing a hero in a tragic way, being rejected from WWII, and then of course how he met my grandma and the words of warning his own mother gave him after meeting my grandma just once.

Though his memory seems to be most foggy about parenting his two girls, one of them my mom, I was pleasantly delighted to hear what he was most strict about.

Depression era couple

In the end, he shares his heart about losing my mom nearly 3 years ago, a pain we both share.

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See more of my grandparents 90th photo shoot on the link.

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