How to Patch Drywall

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How to patch drywall can either be from a hole someone kicked in the wall, or if you have a space that was decorative that you just don’t care for, then this tutorial is for you.How to Patch Drywall

How to fill in a drywall space

As you can see from the picture above, we had a decorative half circle arch not only above our bedroom door, but also above our bathroom door. If you take a second to think about that, it means that both light and sound can pass through, which is hazardous in many occasions.

Just to name a few: my husband often goes to bed before the rest of the family, so as he’s trying to fall asleep, the party in the family room down the hall echoed into him, as well as the lights.

Then, with the bathroom, he’d wake up before me, so he couldn’t turn the light on, or it’d shine in on me, even with the door closed.

We just knew these arches had to go from the minute we saw the house, but we felt up for the task, as my husband knew how to patch drywall from past experiences.

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I do a lot of my work first on Instagram (@KristenDukeHOME), then upload it to my website, if you want to see projects as they happen, I’d love for you to follow me there! Here is a  little REEL I made for Instagram that shows the quick step by step process:

Supplies to patch drywall

If you really want to know hot to patch drywall, here are a list of supplies you’ll need

Steps to patch drywall

Follow these steps to patch or fill in your drywall hole:
1️⃣   Demo to expose frame
2️⃣   Create framework with studs
3️⃣   Measure & cut drywall to size (making a skirt)
4️⃣   Spread drywall compound on both surfaces
5️⃣   Smooth evenly
6️⃣   Match your wall texture
7️⃣   Get ready to paint!!!

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