How to photograph mini sessions

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Last Saturday, I held Mini Photo Sessions, which I call Petite Portrait sessions (just for a fun and different name).  I thought I’d share some tips for how to photograph mini sessions, for the aspiring photographers out there, on this Photo Tip Tuesday. I was delighted to photograph 4 families all back to back. Enjoy a little sneak peek of the families I recently photographed, amidst the tips.

How long should a mini session be?

I have my sessions 15 minutes long with a 5 minute buffer in between.  That means I schedule them every 20 minutes, 3 booked in an hour.  So many of my photographer friends wonder how I can do it in such a small amount of time, and the only thing I can say is…no fluff! A lot of people book it because they love the idea of “quick and painless” while others don’t want to because they want more captured, or think their children will need to warm up to the idea of a photographer with a camera in their face.  I’ve been photographing families for 10 years, and I just started the mini sessions a year ago, I knew how long it would take me, and after holding about 20 mini sessions in the past year, it’s never been a problem. Sometimes I do have a hard time sending away the last group, because there isn’t another one waiting…just to play a little longer.

In my experience–especially with young children–I get my best stuff, and their happiest demeanors in the first few minutes, so it’s perfect. I have found that if little ones are nervous at first, they are still concerned an hour later, too.

Austin PhotographyTricks to get Quick Smiles

I aim to greet little ones with a cheesy smile right from the start. I don’t pull out any tricks at first, just going for the natural route. I’ll then ask mom about a favorite song, and then will sing something like, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Dora the Explorer. I also keep a few tricks in my bag such as a baby rattle, or a ball with bell inside. I’ll throw around a noise making ball to get their attention and smiles.  Every once in a while, I’ll pull out the monkey noises, or may need to jump up and down.  Smarties are also a great treat that toddlers and big kids like, if extra incentive is needed (and cleared with parents first). They drool clear (unlike M&M’s or other candy).

sibling pictures

{I photographed the entire family last year, this year was just the kids. They’ve recently begun martial arts, and had fun showing me their moves!}

What do I plan to photograph?

Having the quick time slot allows me to photograph:

  • the family as a whole
  • each child individually
  • just the kids as a group
  • just the parents (sometimes I get resistance on this one)
  • if we still have time–the family again in a more candid way such as the “family walk.”

The hardest part about mini sessions is not being able to chit chat and get fun stories out of my clients. One thing I love so much about being a photographer is making new friends, learning about people. I just don’t get to hear that as much in petite sessions, because we get right down to work!

Round Rock Family Pictures

{I also photographed this family last year, she wasn’t even expecting the cute baby she’s holding in her arms! }

What clients get with a petite session

I’ve changed so much from year to year on how I structure things, but I will generally give all the images, no prints, with my petite sessions. It ends up being about 20-25 images. With a custom session, I’ll have up to 75 images with lots more fun/lifestyle/candid moments captured. I’ll also give a wall print with my custom sessions.

I’ve found that I really do love the flow of the mini session. People get what they want, I spend less time shooting and editing, and it makes happy for both.

The last group had a little bit of extra time because they were at the end AND the momma was my sons teacher last year, so I had to give her a little extra love;) Loved the coral and animal print combo (see momma’s shoes).

Austin Texas Photographer

Any questions or comments about mini sessions? I know I’ve got lots of photographers out there reading.

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