How to Stop Yelling

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How to Stop Yelling is likely a question all parents ask themselves. I wanted to share a few tips, along with a print and coloring page to hang in your home.

How to Stop YellingHow to Stop Yelling when sometimes you feel like you’re going insane with chaos? Yeah, it’s tough. I remember when my kids were younger, I got very easily frustrated. I’ve got a pretty relaxed personality, but I’ve got my breaking point, too. I remember yelling, and the look on my kids faces of confusion just broke my heart. Because it didn’t happen very often, when it did, they were taken aback, and I hated it. I hated how they looked at me, and I knew I wanted to change it.

If parents are yelling, it teaches the kids it’s ok to yell, and I do NOT believe in the “do what I say, not what I do” mentality. Thats just hypocritical.

I heard once that as adults, we should take a vow of Yellibacy. Ha! Ever heard of that before? Seriously though, it’s just like any other bad habit, we have to make a commitment to stop. Sure we’ll mess up, but we jump right back on the horse.

I’ve found that when I get mad or frustrated, and I think that yelling is about to happen, there is a split second of time where I am making a choice. To yell or not to yell. I personally feel like yelling isn’t an accident, it’s an intentional decision to SHOW SOMEONE that we want to stick it to them. That they wronged us, and we think it will make us feel better by belittling them through yelling, but it doesn’t work.

So here are my best tips for how to stop yelling:

  • Pause (take a time-out)
  • Count to 5…or 10…
  • Remember the face of those you love from past yelling
  • Remember the sore throat or headache you get from yelling
  • Remember that yelling really doesn’t do any good

These tips may not be life changing for you, but it’s something I’ve really focused on for a long time. This is reminding me of the post I recently wrote, “how do you do it all?

We’ve had a sign hanging in our house for a long, long time, that says, “Don’t yell unless the house is on fire.” Every time a guest comes and see’s it, they get a chuckle, and often people will say, “Does this sign work?” And really…I think it does. My kids will remind each other, remind us, and quote it often. It’s become a joke, and sometimes that joke helps us calm down when we are elevated, before the yell.

I’d like to think that having this hung in our house DOES help. It’s a constant reminder that yelling isn’t ok, that it’s important to find ways to communicate frustrations in a calm manner, and we honestly don’t have a lot of yelling around here. It happens though, and part of me posting this is a reminder for me, because I yelled a bit today, and now my head hurts.

Luckily, my kids are crazy forgiving, and they know how much I loathe myself when I snap. After I put myself in time out, I came out of my room with hugging arms, apologetic.

Adult-ing is hard. But we have to make choices to set an example, and there is nothing like having kids to help shape me into my best self. 

I asked my designer to make a printable coloring page months ago, and I’ve forgotten to share it! So here it is…

Download the coloring page here: Do Not Yell Unless the House is on Fire

You can print and color on paper, or you can digital color it in photoshop as well, then print.

I’m a BIG fan of inspirational quote coloring pages, because I think that as kids (or adults) color them, it’s a visual reminder of the importance of the words on paper.

THEN, hang it on up!

SO there you have it, my best tips for How to Stop Yelling. I’d love to hear if you have some for me!

Here are a few other quotes I love with coloring pages:

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