Be a Pineapple Inspirational Print and Coloring Page

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I LOVE pineapples. They are so delicious and SO cute! I have several shirts with pineapples on it, and just got the most adorable yellow pineapple pajama pants for my daughter and I. It screams summer to me, too, would you agree?  I’m so excited to share this “Be a Pineapple” print and coloring page today!

I shared this at the  Flamingo Pineapple Party I threw. I just decided I wanted to do a summer Mother Daughter Party, and voila! (check out those links for more details!)

Anyway, back to the pineapple, I’m in LOVE with this print and coloring page!!

Be a Pineapple Inspirational Print and Coloring Page artwork

I really love to create and share things on my site that I know my kids would also love. My girls LOVE coloring pages, so I’ve been trying to create more of them, and I LOVE inspirational prints as a coloring page, because as they color, and hang their creation, they can think about the message within. I saw this explanation of a pineapple recently, and because I already LOVE pineapples, I thought it was perfect to create as a coloring page.

Let’s talk about the message for a minute.

  • Stand Tall–Not only for the posture part of it, but I want my kids to walk tall, with a confidence that they are loved, they can conquer their fears, they can stand up to anyone that opposes the good things they are trying to do. We could all use the reminder to stand a bit taller, right?
  • Wear a Crown–This is not in the sense that they are better than anyone else, but a reminder, that they are important, of value, and princess in my eyes, and to treat themselves as such.
  • Be sweet on the Inside–This goes without saying, but I’ll share anyway…BE KIND to everyone you meet, look out for others, look for those that could use a friend, just sprinkle goodness as you go about life.

Coloring a page, or even just hanging the already colorful version, is a great reminder, and great lesson to teach. I think it’s well worth a family meeting or lesson to introduce this, too.


Be a Pineapple Coloring Page

Pineapple Print: Color Version

Pictures from the mother daughter pineapple flamingo party


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