Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

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San Antonio family travel took us to the Wild Oak Ranch. Our family had an end of summer final hoorah last week at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch in San Antonio, and we had a fun filled over-nighter, complete with water-slides, a lazy river, and a suite bigger than our newly married apartment. I first heard about it from my friend Caroline, that their family LOVED it, so when I knew we’d be in San Antonio for the weekend, I looked it up, and reserved a room.  I’m always looking for a family friendly hotel, and I’m excited to tell our story with you. Here, I will share our adventures!

Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch, a fun family travel destination with lazy river and water slides.

Texas family travel

Upon checking in, the kids were all pretty giddy about the adventure. Something about a hotel stay away, makes life pretty exciting!

running to hotel

Checking in at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

The kids rode in on a golf cart while we drove the car near our room, and thought that was pretty fabulous.

riding on golf cart

The water fun was definitely the highlight of our stay.

quiet pool at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

My kids went down the indoor AND outdoor slide over and over with hardly a line to speak about. My youngest was nervous about it, but I grabbed her and slid down with her, and showed her that it really is lots of fun! She then went more times on her own. We didn’t realize at first that “trains” were not recommended (though we should have known better from parks with more rigid rules) but we did manage to fit in a few, and those were so much fun!

Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch in San Antonio adventures, family train on water slide

The kids jumped back and forth the from longer slide with half open air, and the faster slide all enclosed. It makes my heart happy to see them squeal with delight, such joyful faces.

kid racing down a waterslide

water slide in Texas

water slide picture

kids jumping into pool at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

The indoor slide:

Indoor water slide at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

indoor waterslide

Wild Oak Ranch indoor pool and slide

The indoor pool connected to the outdoor pool, with this fun little bridge going over it. My kids thought it was pretty neat to swim from one to another.

bridge from indoor pool to outdoor pool

jumping in the swimming pool

We then moseyed on over to the lazy river, surrounded by the lush trees. I love everything about those self propelled rivers, so fun to swim and go extra fast, and also enjoyable to float on a raft, without a care in the world.

tubing down the lazy river

My husband had a knee injury he was worried about infecting, so he sat out on the slides (and took pictures) but I was happy to see him floating along the river with us, able to keep his knee out of the water.

lazy river fun

lazy river

My husband also encouraged a little exercise for the kids: to walk against the current a lap. They took him up on it, and were exhausted by the end (and sore the next day). Great work-out while on vacay!  There was a great sand-filled beach area off to the side of part of the river, with ZERO entry water spot.

sand beach entry off of lazy river

Behind the scenes:

taking pictures

beach on lazy river

Lazy river fun in the water

My kids are pretty fab about “smiling for the camera.” I guess I ask for it enough…

swimming in the lazy river

All around in the trees amidst the lazy rivers were little cabanas that you can leave your stuff. They had a curtain that one could close off if one wanted to nap, and they had these amazing hammocks that I had to snag a picture moment with, too!

swinging in hammock

hammock swinging

Our 2 bedroom suite was very nice. My kids enjoyed discovering it, and I loved capturing their reaction when they saw the Master Bath. It was quite fancy.

checking out the room at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

It was really just the pretty tub with tile all around it that they saw.

Master Bath at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

Here it is with a full view:

Tile bath at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

You can see that on either side of the bath are frosted windows, the right held the shower, the left housed the toilet. My lens couldn’t capture both, but it was a very pretty symmetrical bathroom!

Here is the young one checking out the facilities behind the door.

San Antonio Hotel

The Master Bedroom:

Master bedroom at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

The stocked kitchen and dining area was quite the place to unwind.  It was really nice to have the space to spread out, with 2 bedrooms in the suite.

kitchen at hyatt residence club

Hyatt Residence Club

This was the discovery that we have a porch with sliding door at the back of the suite…it’s the simple things, I tell ya.

porch at hotel in San Antonio

My kids are always thrilled to have a separate TV to watch while they lounge, and I’ll admit, that doesn’t make me too sad, either. We hardly watched it at, though, since we swam until it almost closed at 11pm.

We ate dinner on site, J.B.’s Poolside Restaurant, and found out (as the name states) that we could’ve also ordered pool side if we wanted! The meals were FAB, but my FAVORITE were the amazing fried pickles. I posted about them on Instagram, I loved them so much.

fried pickles

I had a little too much fun playing with my food.

fried pickle photographyWhich do you like better? Pickle in focus, or my eye in focus? I do like the photo-bombing cutie in the background of the above the most.delicious fried pickle chips

And I love this shot that my son shot: Pictures of people taking pictures…it’s a thing, you know.

pictures of people taking pictures

Then, the boys had fun with a fork, I call it FORK ART, they might call it: making fun of me with the fried pickle pictures.

fork art

And then we got a family picture taken from a kind waitress snapping it, complete with our hearty meals in front of us.

family picture

I ordered this most delicious croque monsieur with fried egg on top for my meal….Mmmmmm, delish!

croque monsieur with fried egg

We were also able to purchase some sunscreen at The Icehouse, a cute little general store on the hotel site, stocked with all the necessities for traveling away from home such as Texas-themed gifts and souvenirs, breakfast tacos, and of course, sunscreen!

The Icehouse general store

Back to the swimming-ness. SO happy this height situation worked out, because if she weren’t tall enough, there might have been tears (see that red line behind her head) Barely!

check your height for waterslide

takingm more pictures

running in water

The saddest part of the adventure is that we weren’t even there a full 24 hours, and there was so much more that we wanted to do: ping pong, golf, fooseball, weight room, etc. We missed the opportunity to have one of the staff members prepare a fire in the fire pit so that we could roast s’mores, instead we chose to night swim, and head to the movie under the stars. The movie was Hero 6, a beloved Disney flick.  

When my youngest got nervous on a “scary part” we went for a walk, and found ourselves in the main part of the hotel, and played a game of chess. Neither one of us really knows the rules, so we made up our own and had a grand ‘ole time. (bad image taken at night with my phone)

playing chess

I love the chandelier and the beams in the main lodge at the Wild Oak Ranch. Captured below with phone cam at night.

chess playing

In the morning, we got up early to swim some more, and explored the grounds a bit before needing to head out.

Wild Oak Ranch in San Antonio

grounds at wild oak ranch

The fun blue tie dyed shirts were found on site.

Family hotel

heading up the to the water slide

This family selfie was hilarious, a few of us could not seem to keep our eyes open, so we had to snap it a few times to get this!  I sure love this little fam of mine.

family selfie

We had quite the grand adventure, and they kids are already asking when we go back.

windmill at Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

I worked with Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch, a Hyatt Residence Club property, as part of telling a story of their services, but all opinions are my own. Check out their other Club destinations.

A few extra details:

  • Hyatt Residence Club is a collection of luxury residences in exclusive destinations nationwide
  • Hyatt Wild Oak ranch is a vacation ownership resort located minutes from downtown San Antonio (can reserve a room for a night/weekend, or own rooms)
  • The property is set on 39 scenic acres in the Texas Hill Country (feels so secluded, surrounded by trees!)
  • Suites range from 1 to 3 bedroom units, accommodating anywhere from 2 to 10 guests (LOVE this for my big family that doesn’t fit into 1 basic hotel room)
  • Nearby attractions include SeaWorld, San Antonio Riverwalk and the historic Alamo


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