Inside my Purse

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When I’m at the grocery store, I have to remind myself not to stare at other’s carts to see what they are purchasing. I’m so curious…what products am I missing out on? In a similar vein, are you ever curious what ladies carry around with them in their purse? What are the MUST HAVES, everyday items? Well, if you’re like me, and a curious cat, today is your day. A peek inside my purse…after I pulled out the crumpled receipts and trash, of course.

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You see that polka dot case? Yeah, that’s my wallet. I’m pretty sure I got that make up pouch in high school, and it’s what carries all my credit cards and occasional cash/gift cards.  I keep thinking I should grow up and get a sophisticated REAL wallet, then I think…nah, I’m good.

I’ve always got hair bands, they are often on my wrist, and my favorite braided headband keeps the hair out of my eyes when I workout.

Always several pair of sunglasses, because I forgot that I have a pair or two in my bag.

My business cards and Capturing Joy thumb drive.

My favorite lipstick.

My phone, of course! You like that camera phone case? I kinda love it, and strangers stop me all the time asking if it’s a real camera. I wear it across my shoulder/chest often, too.

Lastly, some snacks, always snacks. A bag of nuts, and my new favorite, Russell Stover Orange Bites. I love to ration them out throughout the week, a handful of 4-5 a day keeps the crazy away.

Now let me tell you a fun snack fact about Russell Stover chocolates. We’ve known them for years as the fancy box of chocolates to gift on Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary…well, they want to crush that stigma, and ‘un-box’ by sharing the joy of chocolates on an every day basis with this new line of snacks in re-sealable bags.

I’ve partnered with Russell Stover to share some of my favorites today, with the orange bites being my TOP favorite. It reminds me of the orange sticks my mom used to buy when I was a kid.


I hosted a lunch with friends a few weeks ago, and prepared my zucchini soup and a salad for them, but ran out of time to make a dessert. I plopped these down on the table at the end of our meal, and my 6 friends were more than delighted to pass the bags around, and enjoy the goodness. I think my second favorite is the Pistachio bark, my neighbor Naomi confiscated the milk chocolate pretzels, but the Assorted bag and Caramel mini’s were all gone by the end of the lunch!


I actually had the orange bites and cranberry bites hidden, because I didn’t want to share those…shhhhh!

Needless to say, they were a hit!

I’ve since seen of few of these bags gracing the shelves at Target.


Which bag that I posted above sounds the most appealing to you? Have you tried them yet?

I was compensated in a partnership with Russell Stover, but all opinions are my own, I LOVE these handy little treats!

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