Jingle Bell “JOY” Letters decoration

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This Jingle Bell “JOY” Letters decoration is such a fun and simple touch for your Christmas decor this year.

Christmas home decorations

Hi! I’m Jen and I blog at Elevate Everyday with my best friend Summer.
I have 3 kids and am all about simple.
We are in a new house (to us), the holidays are coming up, and I’m trying to figure out my style. You know how you see ideas or pictures somewhere and you are obsessed with the look and then you have to decide if it will work in your home or not?
That’s the point where I’m at & I’m having fun with the process.

What are out in abundance in the stores right now?
how to make bell lettersBells & lots of them!
I didn’t see any that I loved though or that I thought would match with the decor I already had.
I bought 3 cans of spray paint, primed the wood just so brown wouldn’t show through and spray painted the bells.
I was at Hobby Lobby and picked the 3 colors I liked best:
Krylon Seaweed (gloss), Pistachio (satin), and Cherry Red (gloss)
joy christmas lettersI put the bells on a plastic sheet and started spraying. About 30 minutes later, I went out and flipped them over once. For example I started with the X of the bell up and then flipped it over so that the small hole for stringing something through was up.
They probably wont be perfect and that’s ok. Only 2-3 sides will show. I did make circular motions with my arm though so the top of the bell wouldn’t be the only part getting sprayed.
I hot glued big and small bells on and that was it.
simple joy letter decorationSo simple and such a fun pop of colors!
I love the more matte look and not so much shine.
Jingle bell christmas decorationTry not to judge me! After taking this picture I realized there is no wood in the fireplace…Remember I said we are new here 😉

JOY jingle bells Christmas decoration
What colors do you decorate with? Do you change every few years?

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