Kids Picture Book about the Body and Making Babies

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I’ve been meaning to share My Favorite Kids Book about the Body and Making Babies for years now, and I decided this would kickstart my favorite books series that I’ve been planning on sharing. I think most parents fear the “birds and the bee’s” talk with their kids, but I was actually really excited about it! This illustrated picture book for kids was purchased after quite a bit of research, and now sits on the book shelf for the kids to access whenever they’d like.

My favorite books children's edition, a picture book about bodies and how bab

As I mentioned, I love a good chat with my kids about difficult things. I WANT them to be well informed about the complexities of life, and more importantly, I want to be the one to convey these details to them. I have always felt it very important that sharing details with them BEFORE they might hear it from friends or others, is important, because I want to be the source for truth.

Years ago, I’d read and heard that age 8 is a good time for “the talk” because kids are too young to think it “weird” or “gross” and old enough to “get it.” Then they grow up knowing full well how it all works, and are mature about it.  At the time (6 years go) a bunch of friends disagreed with me. They did not want to have that talk, they were nervous or scared that they would “mess it up” and figured they’d wait until their kids came to them with questions, take it slow and easy. That’s all fine and well, and maybe you are in that camp, to each his own. But I hold firm that I want to be the first to let them know about important things, and it lets my kids know that I trust them enough to have that info.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, the older kids were 8,6, and 3.5. I wanted to find a book that would be appropriate for all of them. My oldest wasn’t super inquisitive, and was just 4 when the first sister was born, so “where do babies come from” never really came up. But with the 2nd little girl, my second son (at age 6) was the one asking questions.

Funny enough, we’ve often treated these two boys of ours as twins, allowing them to do the same things at the same time, as the oldest is quite reserved and a bit oblivious while his younger brother is very observant and inquisitive.

I’m pretty sure I polled my facebook friends when asking about books, because I remember getting a handful of recommendations for picture books, and I was off to Barnes & Noble to check them out. I’m really glad I did, because some showed much more than I thought necessary.

Without further stalling, the book that I ended up purchasing, that sits on our shelf and is affectionally dubbed “the naked book” is: Amazing You!: Getting Smart about your Private Parts {that’s an Amazon Affiliate link, I earn pennies off of purchases}

You can see some of the pictures above (and if you want to remember for later, pin that image) but what I mainly wanted to know in the books I looked at, was HOW graphic does it get? I snapped a shot of what I see as the most graphic, just so you can see for yourself. I think it is very tastefully sharing body parts of kids, on up to adults.

I ask, PLEASE do NOT pin this image, just keep it right here on my site.

kids book about bodies

So yeah, now that we’ve got that out of the way….

Ok, it’s still there, looking at me. Ha!

Anyway, we keep “the naked book” on the shelf, and talk about private parts, and the importance of keeping ourselves covered, and how babies are made.

Funny story:

When we read this to our boys, and had a more in depth discussion, back when they were 6 and 8 (and I was pregnant with youngest). When we got to the sperm and the egg part, my 2nd son (the inquisitive one) didn’t fully understand HOW the sperm got to the egg. I was so proud of myself, explaining it WITHOUT giggling, and explained the mom and dad private part situation, and how it all comes together. My boys listened intently (they were too young to giggle) and thought about that for a minute. Then, my 2nd son said, “I’ve never seen you and dad do that…”

To which I replied under my breath, “and hopefully you never will.”




I did then say louder to them, that it’s done in privacy, between a “mom and a dad” behind closed doors. We also emphasize the importance of waiting until marriage, as God intended.

I told some friends of mine (at the time) about it, and one worried that my son would tell her son, then she’d have to have the discussion (and she wasn’t ready yet). But we told our boys that this is not something to go and discuss with friends, it is a respectful conversation that is to stay in our home. We don’t need to use the anatomy of the private language unless talking to mom and dad. I was happy to know that my son never told hers, either.

So, even if your kids are older than mine were, it’s a great body picture book for kids, that describes body parts and how babies are made. For young ones, it’s nice to have around, like my two girls have had, and they bring it to me to read, call it the naked book, and it isn’t a taboo conversation. I think making it off limits while they are young, makes it much more difficult to discuss when they are older.

Do you have a favorite BODY or How babies are made book for kids? I’d love to hear!  I also love to hear stories about you having “the talk” with your kids. How old were they, and how did they react?

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