DIY Laundry Room Cabinets

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Check out how we Upgraded our laundry room with these DIY Laundry Room Cabinets.  Check out how you can build your own custom cabinets for your laundry room too!

Laundry Room Makeover with DIY laundry room cabinets

I’ve been MEANING to share our DIY laundry room cabinets for 6 months now, and today is finally the day! I was waiting for it to be all the way complete, but you’re just getting phase one now. The laundry room isn’t necessarily the first room in the house one thinks to makeover. Guests hardly ever see it, we don’t see it unless we are doing laundry….BUT having it all spiffed up sure does tend to make laundry more fun, right? That’s the goal here…and function. Our laundry room is a pretty decent size…not too big, not too small, but it was quite horrible in the function part. I always love a good BEFORE, you can see how minimal and challenge of a storage option it is. The shelf was too high and I never used the bar to hang things on.

The past few years, I’ve been requesting projects from my husband, instead of gifts. This way, he works without complaining, since he’s gifting me. We’ve both found that I’m kinda useless, I try to help, but he tends to like doing things his way, I just give him the idea of what I want initially.

So we took everything out. Our Whirlpool washer/dryer set has lasted us 17 years! My husband and done a few minor repairs (thanks YouTube!) but it’s been a work horse.

laundry room makeover before

I love this shot of my daughter showing off the mess. This is opposite the washer/dryer, we put the sink in, but it doesn’t work, and the shelf above it with tablecloths that were always falling…yeah, I can be disorganized, for sure.

messy laundry room

Apparently, I neglected to take a picture of the blank wall…what was I thinking? Just imagine it without the shelves…

How to Build Laundry Room Cabinets

First, we removed all of the existing shelves and built three new shelves.

How to Build custom laundry room cabinets

  1. The white structural support that holds up the shelves are 1×2 cheap wood. Make sure you hit the wall studs, because it’s supporting the entire cabinet system.
  2. The boards were 1×12 whiteboard and we got it long enough to go wall to wall, cut them to size for vertical. Make sure you screw this into the structural support, to keep it all nice and solid.
  3. On the face of the cabinet, in the image below, are 1×3 boards. We used a nail gun here, both in the front and attaching the middle spacers.

installing diy laundry room cabinets

For the cabinet doors, we built 3 individual frames, using a Kreg pocket hole jig system. A router groove on the inside of the edge, and attached the backing of the cabinet door to quarter inch MDF with wood glue (with something heavy on it over night on the table to set well).  Liquid nails all on the inside to help it stay in place and stay pretty–rounded off all the rough edges.

diy cabinet door

Custom laundry room cabinets

Then they got painted gray, it’s my favorite gray that is also in my Living Room, Sherwin Williams: Knitting Needles.

DIY Custom laundry room cabinets

DIY cabinets

At the very top we placed a piece of crown molding to dress the whole thing.

Then, I decided to go bold with a fun color!

These were my narrowed down choices:

turquoise paint chips

I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore Meridian Blue

Benjamin Moore Meridian Blue paint color

As with all of our home projects, we made it a family affair. The girls had fun painting…

Painting DIY laundry room cabinets

painting custom cabinets

And the boys helped dad hang the doors just so…

Hanging custom cabinet doors in laundry room

We found some hardware to my pleasing at our local home store, and VOILA!

custom cabinets in laundry room DIY

I’m loving the fun color, and the storage is AMAZING!

diy laundry room cabinets

I then got to make my own blend of tiles for the backsplash using Modwalls custom tile blender. I highly recommend their services, such yummy color options! I added some pops of yellow, and I love how it all turned out! I spray painted the white cart yellow.

DIY laundry room cabinets

Of course my printer wasn’t working when I photographed this last picture, but this is what the free laundry room printables look like, click on the links below to print.

Free Laundry Room Printables


>>>>If you’d like some laundry prints in pops of yellow and white, download below.

Although DIY Laundry Room Cabinets may seem intimidating, I hope this gives you a little courage to try them on your own!

Here are some of the tools and accessories we used in case you want to find some of your own:


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