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Hey friends! This is going to be a random thoughtful Thursday post. I’ve been doing a lot of that on my weekend newsletter, so if you like to read random thoughts and you’re not getting that, I’d love you to sign up! You can do that on my sidebar…Then you’ll be a part of my “bestie club” and get exclusive freebie’s, too, and find out about stuff before I post it here, or even things that I don’t post here!

Let me just get out of the way that I think I’m going to aim to start posting 3 times a week. In the past, I’ve shared 5-6 times, then got contributors and had a post up nearly 7 days a week, then went to posting just on my own again, and though I have enough in my brain to share daily, I’m doing a handful of other “side projects” that I just can’t crank out a daily post! So I wanted to INFORM all of my trusty readers about that, so you don’t just come over every day looking. Plus, I used to write blog posts late at night, to publish first thing in the morning, but these days, my goal is to post by 10am.  I’m just all over the place, “they” say that’s a business no-no. Oh well.

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I’m very excited about these projects, and really, I just can’t seem to contain  myself with all of the stuff I want to do. My husband has always told me I need to pick JUST ONE THING at a time to do/try to improve (it’s often when I get overwhelmed with my personal improvement list such as: lose weight, clean house better, read scriptures better, work on family history, write in my journal, etc.) Now though, I’ve got a resurgence of excitement for things I want to do for this blog/website, but I have to take it one. step. at a time. But how?!?

With all of that, if you can’t tell from my recent site re-design, I have 2 very specific main goals for my site:

  1. Ideas to strengthen families through fun, food, adventures, and home projects
  2. Everything photography.

The BULK of my new posts are going to be family fun related, it’s what’s on my brain, it’s my passion, it’s something I love and want to share. A few of my side projects involve this in mind. I ALSO have another exciting photography venture, I got an idea for a new book/e-course, and a spin off of my 2 beginner photography books. I’m VERY excited about this, but it’s quite an undertaking, and I’m aiming for September for this launch. We will see how the summer goes.

Besides THAT, a whole other project is….I’m dabbling in writing a novel. I know, crazy. 10 years ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I’d write a book (even though it’s “just” a self published e-book), and really just 3 months ago, I would have laughed if anyone said I’d write a novel, and it’s FICTION!  Well, based on true events, but I’ve never tried my hand at fiction, so we shall see how it goes.  I don’t feel super creative in the “made up” writing category, my son is amazing at that, but it’s not necessarily his sci-fi genre. This was spurred on because a friend of mine knew I like to write, because I write every day right here, and invited me to join a group of her friends in a writing club. In that very first meeting of 6 people at this writing club, we all discussed the writing goals/ambitions/ideas swirling around in our heads. When it was my turn to share, I mentioned an idea I had, and they all just helped me jump right in, and though it’s “real life” they suggested I make it a novel so I could create elements to protect the innocent. That had never occurred to me. I left really unsure about the idea, I can “make stuff up” I’m a truthful storyteller. As I thought more and more about it, I got really excited, and the whole month in between meetings, I came up with an idea. Last week was our 2nd meeting, and that morning, I cranked out the first page (of which I’d been thinking for weeks) and typed it out to read to the group. I was SO excited!  I hate to be too secretive, but I gotta get some stuff figured out first. Just know it’s going to be a partially made up story based on an experience in my life. Ok?

I just want all of you loyal followers to know how much I appreciate your support, feedback, comments, emails, Instagram/facebook shares, etc. I read them all…eventually! I’ve also added 2 other forms of social media (because all that wasn’t enough). Periscope and snap chat. It’s actually really fun for me to share life as it happens on there. If you are on those, or curious about life behind the scenes, check it out. It’s fun because it’s live and interactive. Today, I did a periscope on how I plan for a party, and showed my MESSY kitchen! Go to: capturing-joy on there. Then, on periscope I shared how I prep, a bit longer, and I’m capturingjoyblog on there. BOTH of those sites, the content goes away after 24 hours. At first I thought that was real, but now I get it, and like it. Try them out! I’m a complete NOT NOTIFICATIONS girl on my phone, I don’t get it for email, facebook, or instagram, but I DID turn on my notifications for periscope, because I like the LIVE aspect of it, and that I can interact, so keep that in mind.

Other random tidbits:

  • I’m hosting 2 parties this weekend, my daughters 7th and my really good friends 30th. I figured, why not double team up the party mode!
  • My husband and I made an application video for a small reality show, (slightly against his will because he hates being on video) we shall see how that goes!
  • I decided to try my hand at hand lettering and doodling, because I love offering those printables (because my girls LOVE them) so hoping I can add that more to the site. My friend at By Dawn Nicole has lots of great tutorials.
  • I’ve been researching Oregon…my husband has been thinking about going back to school, and I’ve always encouraged him to do so, and he likes a program there. I’m not so sure he’ll really pull the trigger. We shall see!
  • Pretty much every day for lunch, I have half an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, chopped up tomatoes, I’ve been doing WELL on eating better, but results are always slow
  • I started joined a (affiliate) 28 day fitness challenge with Marci Barker, and I REALLY like it. It’s body sculpting. I REEAAAALY have wanted to “tone up” for a long time.
  • I’ve had a trip a month so far this year, which is weird and strange and fun and crazy. I’m keeping that up, and headed off for a weekend in a few weeks. Now I feel like I need to go somewhere every month all year! But that’s just crazy. I’m just not limiting my options.
  • My girls and I are singing in church this Sunday in front of our congregation, joined with my friend and her daughters. We are singing A Child’s Prayer. (Download with voices to hear the 2 parts)
  • We’ve had my mom’s dog 4 months now, and he’s still alive, and I don’t hate him as much as I thought I would. Still some frustrations, we are all trying to work with.
  • I woke up at 4:40 this morning, just 20 minutes earlier than normal, and surprised my friend by leaving balloons in her yard for her birthday.
  • In our bible study seminary class this morning, we talked about Isaiah 53, with my favorite verses being 3-5, scriptures I memorized my senior year in high school, and they’ve still stuck with me. I’m so grateful for the Atonement of our Savior.
  • My dad just put up my childhood home on the market to sell in Houston. Mixed emotions about that, but I support his decision.

ok, that’s it for now!




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  1. What a nice round-up. Gotta attend a bible study myself.

  2. Oh wow so much to comment on! Ok first, I can’t get to this post any other way except through the newsletter email. I don’t know if that’s intentional but I started reading this post and then life happened and I had to stop and then I went to your site to find the post so I could finish it and it took me some digging to find. I only mention this because you’ve mentioned in the past that it’s hurtful to you when you pour your heart into a personal post and then get like hardly any comments. I love these types of posts and don’t want them to go because of perceived (not actual!) loss of interest.

    I’m VERY excited about the forthcoming photography book! Writing a novel is so exciting. I hope you share the finished story. Good luck with the reality show application! The pacific northwest is SO beautiful. I’d move there in a heartbeat if we could. Making lifestyle changes is hard. But the results will start to show! Especially if you really step up on the body sculpting and toning. I think it’s great you’re doing so much traveling. No reason to limit yourself! You’re an amazing friend to get up so early (when you already get up early!) to make a surprise for her.

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