Living Room Makeover

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I gave myself a deadline of January 30th to post my Living Room makeover. My husband doesn’t get why I give myself arbitrary deadlines. It may seem odd, but it helps me meet goals, especially when considering my goal in “finishing” rooms (check out the home tour). Generally when I share a room, I feel content, but I’m not so sure about this one, so feel to offer any advice!  This is the part of the room I love most: the angle of my recovered chairs, piano, and pink flowers in a vase.

living room makeover

For our home’s floor plan, our living room is actually deemed a dining room. I decided I wanted the space for casual reading, piano playing, and such, opting out of the dining situation. The room is an odd shape, and for a very long time we’ve had a little wooden bench that holds or cozy blankets in it (that I painted turquoise), but it’s just so small, it needed something bigger.

living room reveal

wood bench

Enter the awkward space that as of writing this post, I still don’t know what to do with. Though I really wanted to keep our blanket bench where it was, I wanted more comfortable seating and something a bit  bigger. I went just this morning with my daughter to World Market, and found two beautiful blueish pieces that I couldn’t decide between. I even posted on instagram and asked for opinions, LOVE to see those kinds of responses! See my options:

World Market benchOn the top we have the Pacific Madeline Banquet, and on the bottom it’s the Caribbean Blue Quincy Loveseat. The color that I wanted was the Loveseat (on bottom), and worked well enough, but when I saw the higher back and arm rests and pretty tufts on the Banquet (above) I liked the shape more. But the darker teal wasn’t what I wanted. I figured it’d be fine, and I’d at least take it home and try it out.

I’m not so sure I love the dark teal with the navy rug. I’d rather the lighter turquoise. But I love the shape and everything else about this one. I may just have to get over it…

world market teal bench

{rug looks more royal here, it’s navy}

I got my navy circle rug at (for just $100) after debating a while back about a rug for this space. Once again, I took to Instagram and Facebook for suggestions. I got many responses (see here)! White poles were the projected size of an 8×10 rectangular rug I was looking at.

what size rug to buy

I had measured for a rectangle, and trying to follow SOME rules of design trying to have the rug anchored, but I didn’t want to cover all of my beautiful wood. Even when I got the circle, I measured and everything and it’s just a little small. But I like it, and I’m throwing out the rules of design and my circle rug is it’s own little island: un-anchored. I’m ok with it.

Moving on, I saw these Fletcher and Fox decorative arrows months ago at The House of Smiths (in their girly bedroom) and fell in LOVE!!! I had to grab my own set for this room, and I adore the fun little touch they give.  Order yourself a set for 25% off with the code: FOX25!!

decorative arrows

Lets not forget my Urban Walls vinyl decals behind the piano. Though I would have loved to paint the piano a light gray, I decided to let my husband win this one. I’m sure I’ll be happy in a few years.

vinyl decals on wall

The chairs were from a few years ago, recently recovered with fabric from and my friend Amy awesomely recovered them for me. We do a photography trade for services, but she normally charges $150-200 per chair. Just FYI (for those that have asked).

A couple of months ago, I got the hankering to paint an accent wall hot pink. It came from putting the pink spring flowers into the turquoise vase, and I fell in love. Thus came together my color scheme for the room. I figured I could do a hot pink wall on that wall because it’s sorta hidden from the room as a whole, but it’s just a touch of fun and quirky that I like. I worried a little about mixing too many patterns, but it doesn’t seem too overwhelming to me. I know people like to put coffee tables in the center of things, but we like the open space.

There you have it! Here is a before of the room, just for reference:


(taken from a small file, so quite pixelated)

I like the lighter and brighter feel that it is now, just not sure what to do with the awkward space.

picture of Savior

The picture of the Savior is to remind us to be kind to each other, have a peaceable home, and to do what He would do. I love that picture, I’ve had it since before I was married.

The space is cozy and comfy, just what I love!

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