Macaroni and Cheese Birthday Cake

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My son’s birthday was today, and we celebrated him with a gathering of friends. I wanted to do something FUN for a themed birthday cake, but wanted it to be “grown up” because, he’s 14! I brainstormed a few ideas with my cake lady {Amie’s Edible’s} and we ultimately decided on this Macaroni and Cheese Birthday Cake. It stems from his favorite meal (all of my kids) the homemade creamy macaroni and cheese with link sausage that I make for them.


Isn’t this a fun cake??

It’s kinda weird, right? To think about eating something sweet when you see something savory?

The kids had fun digging in!

Would be great for an April Fools Day joke, too!


I wish I had a good step by step for you, but I don’t. Just a picture of inspiration…all of the top made out of fondant.

Here we are next to the cake, so you can see how BIG it is!


Here is a little of what is on my mind this week…

Just to keep you in the know….I’m feeling some blogging writers block. I’ve got a few sponsored posts I’m sharing this week that I’m excited about, but I also have other stuff I’ve been meaning to share.

I took a BIG break to finish writing and launching the Camera Academy, and now that that is done, I’m anxious to jump back in and share more over here, but not sure where to start. I’ve got some travel posts I haven’t written yet, some family fun to share, a few favorite recipes, etc. Just need a PUSH, so you guys help push me, ok???

Here is what I have on the agenda:

  • New Orleans weekend trip (and what to do there)
  • Summer Road trip: Nauvoo
  • Family photoshoot in the rain
  • Laundry Room Makeover
  • Kids Triathlon
  • Love Story Chapter: Planning a Wedding
  • Lunch Jokes: Circus Edition
  • Cemetery Photo Shoot: Zombie Edition
  • 2017 Mini Desk Calendar
  • Parenting Discussions

Which one do you want to see most?

I enjoyed propping my feet up last week, and watching a few movies in bed, and taking long naps while my kids were at school. The previous month, I was non-stop working hour after hour on that course, and I just needed a break. I’m still teaching early morning Bible Study class each weekday at 5:45am, and needed a break!

But I’ve got some things weighing on me, personally, and concern for others these days:

  • I found out today that I’m an alternate for a really cool blogging opportunity that I was hoping to be selected for…alternate could be good, but chances seem slim I’ll get bumped up. Feeling bummed…this blogging gig is filled with highs and lows and we often SEE other peoples highs, so that make the lows feel really low.
  • Some long time dear friends of mine are going through a marriage crises, and my heart is breaking for them. I try to be a listening ear, a friend, offer tidbits of hope, when I break up crying for them some days.
  • My husbands brother, the one who plays a major role in My Love Story, he’s tried 2 rounds of chemo to treat his lukemia, with no results. He’s on a trial round right now, but my heart breaks for them, too. Want to be hopeful.

Then I’ve also got some positives:

  • My Camera Academy for Moms did really well. My first big LAUNCH of something like this, and I’m really pleased with how it all came together. I have some things to improve upon for next time, but feeling happy.
  • My family of 6 is healthy and happy and thriving. School seems to be going well for each of my kids and what else could a mom ask for?
  • I got a really, really nice letter from one of the parents of my seminary students from last year. It was thoughtful and made me feel so happy.
  • The weather is cooling in Texas, feeling heavenly!!!
  • Had birthday weekend for my boys, I love celebrating my family. My oldest turns 16 in a few weeks, and I want to throw a big SUPER SIXTEEN because boys just don’t do Sweet 16, right?

I mean, how can I complain about anything when I’ve got so much goodness?  Most situations that are weighing on me, all I can do is pray…pray for strength for friends…for hope…for another opportunity to come my way, etc. In the meantime, I’ll continue with my daily of loving on my family, praying to be aware of opportunities to bless others, celebrating the JOY of Fall and the impending holidays.

I haven’t pulled out Halloween decorations, and I kinda feel like skipping the rest of the holiday decor stuff. I’ve got a lot, and I’m just TIRED! I am trying to convince my family to go on a trip over Christmas, but the kids aren’t interested. They want to have our traditional Christmas morning, then go somewhere…but I don’t want “stuff-ville” this year. I’m done with accumulating stuff.

So WEIGH IN! What should I share next from the bullets above?

You can always find me on Instagram: @capturingjoyblog or SnapChat: Capturing-Joy for the daily stuff.

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