Mazda6 Signature

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Needing a car for a week, I was happy to lend my mini van to my son, and drive around theMazda6 Signature and feel a little extra fancy.

Mazda6 Signature

I shuttled my family around for 16 years from place to place with me as the main chauffer. The main responsibility of driving my kids everywhere was all me. A year ago, we found an old clunker for my 17 year old son, but this past summer, it hit a snag. My husband thought it would be a great opportunity for him and my son to work together to fix it, so they did, but it ended up taking a LOT longer than planned!

Thankfully, my friends at Mazda were able to help me out and loan me the amazing Mazda6 Signature for a week.

It was such a smooth drive, with so many beautiful features.

I noticed right away something I’d never seen in a car before. On the windshield, it had a hologram type affect that told me how fast I was going! It was AMAZING! Not only that, but it could detect WHAT the speed limit was, and let me know if I was going too fast. Also, it showed a STOP SIGN if I was about to approach one.

It detected if a car was too close when I wanted to make a lane change, and would alert me if I should wait it out.

But about that speeding feature, If I had that in my car, It’d alleviate a lot of heartache I’ve experienced from traffic tickets. I’ve got a bit of a led foot, and this car is fun to drive. Especially so since the Mazda6 Signature has a turbo charged engine! I found out that Mazda also recently announced Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto™ will be available nationwide as a dealer-installed upgrade for Touring trim level and above at no extra cost.

Watch the below video to see this ride inside and out.

Here is an image I borrowed from the dealer:

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