Memorize a Scripture: Isaiah 53: 3-5

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This is the second installment of Memorize a Scripture a Month Challenge. Last month, I introduced 2 scriptures, to give options for those out there wanting to memorize passages individually or with your family. Head on over to that post to read why it’s helpful and important to your spiritual growth, and download the two scriptures I shared.

Memorize Bible scriptures

I’m so excited about sharing these, as they are beneficial to me and my family, and I hope they are for you! I’ve already heard from a handful of people that they memorized a verse from last month and ready for the new verses, yay! Did any of you take the challenge and print up a scripture for your family?


Memorize Book of Mormon Scripture 2 Nephi 31:20

This verse is from The Book of Mormon. It’s one of my very favorites, as it highlights the most important principle in life, PRESS FORWARD!!!  Just keep going, moving forward, as we have faith in Christ and his Father’s plan for us. We may get down and out and frustrated and want to give up, but if we FEAST upon the words of Christ (scriptures) and truly HUNGER for HOPE, as we are pressing forward, all will smooth itself out. Enduring to the end, is one of the most difficult task our Father has asked of us, because it’s such a long process.

Download this print here: Feb Scriptures v2 – BOM 2 Nephi


Memorize Isaiah scripture on Savior

THIS scripture is one I vividly remember memorizing in seminary in high school, and still have it memorized. It is so descriptive, I love the words. A great reminder of all our Savior experienced on our behalf.

Download the print here: Feb Scriptures v2 – Isaiah


To download last months scriptures, grab them here. You can also read tips on memorizing scriptures.

To read about my Mormon faith, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saint, what I was taught, DO SO HERE.

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I’ve also created a PDF version of 25 Scriptures to Memorize in the Old Testament with smaller bookmarks, too. Check it out! {Click link to left}

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