Mirror Mate Bathroom Makeover in Progress

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This decorative frame from Mirror Mate is the perfect complement to a drab builder’s mirror. Come see how we spruced up our bathroom in just a few minutes time!

Mirror Mate Frame DecorationI worked on a handful of home projects the past year, but not nearly as many as were on my list. 2013 was the year of room makeovers, and in 2014, I was just burned out! I did, however get started on a few bathrooms with a little bit of paint, and in our downstairs bathroom, I spruced it up with a Mirror Mate frame around the mirror. It makes such a huge difference.

Most bathrooms come standard with a straight up mirror, but adding the frame around it is such a simple touch to really add that extra “umph” to a drab space.

Below is the bathroom all festive for Christmas.

Bathroom remodel

It is a small, difficult space to photograph, but here are a few different angles.bathroom makeover frame

This is what the mirror looked like before. The Mirror Mate instructions are so simple, and come with the cardboard corners you see below.bathroom makeover

On the back are some major sticky labels that adhere to the mirror.bathroom mirror frame

You can see below that we hung the “mate” on top of the cardboard corners, and stuck it right on.mirror frame for bathroom

Anyway, it literally took just a few minutes, and you can order any size you need on the Mirror Mate Website. Check it out!

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