My tips for a smoother morning routine

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Do you run around like crazy before you send your kids off to school? Sometimes the morning rush can stress me to the max!  I wanted to share 5 of my best tips for a smoother morning because I don’t want my kids to remember “cranky mom” as they’re in school doing. I partnered with Yoplait to share this post today and we are also sharing 3 of our favorite Yoplait yogurts that make it into the grocery cart nearly each week!

Tips for smoother morning routine:

  1. Pull out lunch stuff to a central location. This includes the food, lunch sacks, lunch boxes, ingredients, make it a working area.
  2. Involve the kids (you shouldn’t be doing all the work)
  3. Have mom notes or lunch jokes in a drawer ready to go. I love sending notes along with my kids, and I have a drawer I keep them in with scissors so I don’t have to go looking to cut them out and place them in.
  4. Always hug goodbye, not matter what. Mornings can be STRESSFUL, and tempers may get lost sometimes, but if you end with a hug, it allows both parent and child to relax a bit, knowing all will be well.
  5. Decompress and take a moment for yourself. If you just run from one thing to the next, you might just go crazy! Grab a snack and allow yourself to relax.

Watch this one minute video for my 5 tips!

Surely you know my love of lunch jokes, right? I’ve got hundreds you can download (by holiday or theme) and put in your kids lunches…mine love them!

You can see each of our favorite Yoplait flavors by what my girls are enjoying in this picture! The custards are always a favorite, but I usually get the pack of multi-pack to go in the kids lunches and for after school snacks.

  • My personal favorite is the Yoplait Mix-Ins, which combines delicious yogurt and flavorful toppings all into one package. This one is salted caramel pretzel…YUM!

Disclosure: I was sponsored by Yoplait for this post but all opinions are my own.

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