Download and print from 100’s of Free Lunch Box Jokes for Kids. Ad send a little “mom love” while the kids are away at school each day. These lunch notes are the way to your child’s heart while they are away at school.

Free lunch box jokes

Free lunch box jokes for your kids!

I used to write “I LOVE YOU” notes to my kids, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but at some point I worried my kids would think it was too cheesy and be embarrassed by them. I came up with the idea to send lunch box jokes as a way to let them know I love them and am thinking of them, without the mushy stuff. Turns out, the jokes got passed around the lunch tables because their kids loved them, too! They looked forward to a different joke each day, and have even saved their favorites for later.

I’m not kidding you when I say that even my teenage boys and their friends LOVE the lunch jokes and look forward to them. Hearing that warms my mother heart to a near BURSTING! My greatest desire is for my kids to know I love them, and in turn raise their self esteem to be confident adults. My hope is that these lunch jokes do that in a small but lasting way. It’s the little things!



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