Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with World Market and Shutterfly

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The end of April is near, and that means Mother’s day is right around the corner! I’ve teamed up with World Market and Shutterfly to share some gift ideas that I found. Sometimes we don’t know WHAT to give our mom’s, well I find it’s always a great idea to give some of MY favorite things. I took a little shopping trip to my local World Market, and also shopped online at Shutterfly to find some GREAT Mother’s Day gift ideas. A huge thanks to them for sponsoring this post.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I narrowed these gifts down a bit by category of my favorite things.

First, we’ve got gifts for the office that include a notepad from World Market, photo spiral notebook from Shutterfly, and colorful giant clothespins from World Market.


office gifts at World Market and Shutterfly

Then we’ve got pampering gifts: all sorts of lotions, potions, and candles.

World Market Pampering Gifts for mom

They we’ve got glam gifts with jewelry:

World Market Jewelry mother's day gift idea

Lastly, we’ve got memory gifts with pictures. I LOVE photo gifts! I was so excited to order a giant woven photo blanket, and my kids love it, too! We decided it’s bigger than life size!

photo blanket gift idea from Shutterfly

My kids seem to think that the back of it, the negative, looks just as cool. Kinda scary, but kinda cool, too.

negative picture blanket

I also made one for my mom, she squealed with delight when I showed her via Skype, we are taking it to Ghana when we go in a few weeks to give to her!

blanket for mom

Then, I got my grandma a photo placemat of us, because she collects placemats. There is also a beverage canister and a notebook with pictures. SO many great photo gift ideas on Shutterfly.

shutterfly picture gift ideas

So don’t go saying you don’t know what to gift your mom, mother in law, or grandma for Mother’s Day, share some of YOUR favorite things, or some of MINE!

One last pic of my daughter all cozy on the couch with the new blanket, the kids love it!

shutterfly photo blanket

Now, you can enter this fabulous sweepstakes by both World market and Shutterfly!



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  1. Maria says:

    I am getting an error for the sweepstakes

  2. Hannah says:

    So many fun gift ideas. I have used Shutterfly gifts several times for both parents. I love World market too there just isn’t one close enough for me to pop into often. Thanks for the giveaway….except I cannot figure out how to enter. Your linked text “fabulous giveaway ” gives an error message. I looked at WM on Instagram and saw the giveaway but no mention how to enter. Thanks

  3. Shawnna says:

    Those ideas are so cool!! Love it! and that blanket is just so neat!!

  4. Mackenzie Welker says:

    Great Ideas! Love it! I would love to enter the sweepstakes as well! Keep me posted when the link/entry form is fixed please 🙂

  5. Melanie Evans says:

    Where is that darling red Aqua jewelry/makeup bag from???

  6. Kiera Chambers says:

    LOVE this giveaway…let me know when the link is fixed so I can come back and enter!

  7. Maria says:

    This is the link that I found on her Facebook page. Hope this helps!!

  8. My mom would love the woven blanket! I may be too late for Mother’s Day, but this would be a great Christmas gift, too!