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We LOVE Lalaloopsy around here, so we planned a birthday party around it!

Today, my adorable youngest child turns 3, and I couldn’t be more bummed about her growing up older. I love every stage of my children, but the transition from baby to toddler is a tough one.  She still says so many cute things like cha-lockit milk, but she corrects herself so much when she realizes she says something wrong. I have never been one to correct my children at this stage for saying butchering words because I think it’s so darn cute. Alas, she’s still my baby, and we celebrated her with a fun little party last Friday.

Kids Birthday party ideas

She is loving the cute little Lalaloopsy dolls that are new these days.  She only had a few little ones, and they are so bright and colorful with cute buttons for eyes and yarn for hair.  Since I don’t love to base a party around toy characters, I thought I’d emphasize the buttons, yarn, with cupcakes…with just a hint of the toys.

I got a lot of the cute paper party supplies including the paper straws, teal fruit containers, chevron paper bags, cupcake paper liners, etc. from the Pink Lemonade Party shop on etsy. LOTS of super cute stuff in there.

The Lalaloopsy designs I got from Ultimate Transfers etsy shop.

And the individual colorful cupcakes stands from Fancy Fab on etsy.

The button candy molds and twine string on Amazon.  Special thanks to my friend Lorie who helped me with arranging the table, too.


I put an 11×14 print I took of her recently into my fabulous Orange Blossom Frame, and next to it is my standar pier canvas (that often sits on my mantel) that I wrapped in hot pink wrapping paper. The cupcake garland above was fashioned by my awesome friend Caroline after I told her exactly what I wanted. LOVE that thing!  I made strands of fabric torn garland to string all around the house.

The little cups above were filled with mini chocolate buttons that the kids used to decorate their own cupcakes.

Blue chalk/corkboard frame below from  Hobby Lobby.

I got a yard of fabric in 5 colors and tore strips.  I used those stripes as a little background for pictures, as well as tying them together as garland around the house.


My sassy girl!Birthday girls sister taking her for a ride. Below, the group photo–now THAT was a challenge!Pin the button on Lala’s eye.Most of my kid parties have some downtime where I have my hubby read a book while I decompress.  I was excited to find a few Lalaloopsy books on Amazon.My daughter loves duck, duck, goose, so we incorporated that…My photographer friend, Jenny, was there and took over my camera and snapped some of me…that was nice…to be remembered at the event. As we were getting ready for the party earlier that day, she told me she didn’t want everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her…fortunately she changed her mind, and the look on her face below tells me she loved that singing attention. Yes I did enjoy a cupcake or two…I made them 5 different bright colors, and I make ’em good. With extra vanilla pudding powder and sour cream.Jenny followed my husband and all the kids outside with my camera, and got some really fun shots. I stayed bedind to breath and clean the kitchen a little…I just love all these action shots…He was teaching her to hold her hands up, and to drop them to begin the race…What a hilarioius game my hubby came up with…car racing (since we have two of those–one recently gifted by a neighbor)Oh yes, the birthday girl loved it…Opening presesnts mayhem…

I just love this 3 year old girl.

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