My Favorite Books

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I’ve thought for a while that I wanted to share my favorite books with all of my peepss out there, so I’m going to kick start that off right now! The thing is, I am NOT a book reader. I wish I were. I have an “attention” problem, and the written word is a struggle for me. Without fail, when I read a book, I have a pen in hand, to circle and underline phrases that grab me, or are extra descriptive. It keeps me alert, and paying attention, rather than my mind wandering to my “to do” list in my brain.  Even with a pen though, I have to REALLY want to read a book to actually pick it up. Then, it sits on my nightstand for a while (with the other books I intend to read) and often I’ll pick up and read a page or two at a time. My GOAL is to sit on the couch and read a book while my kids work on homework, but I’m not so great at that.


I’ve tried to join book clubs, but I’m not much of a fan of fiction. I guess if I invest my time, energy, and low attention span to a book, I want it to be real life! There are, however, a handful of books that I will share that are fiction, or as I think they should be categorized: REAL and NOT REAL.

I’m a fan of real. True life storytelling. Must be why I love blogs so much, a peek into the lives of others. I do, however enjoy historical fiction, which is true stories with a dose of the not-so-real.

The books I’m sharing on my favorites list is all over the place. Some kids picture books, parenting books, relationships, and even a few fictional.

I’m not going to list all my favorite books here right now, you’ll have to wait. {SorryNotSorry} I want to talk about each one of them, and share why I love them, so you’ll get them in doses. Once I share about it, I will update this post with a link.

The list that I’ve got going are in a handful of categories:

  • Books for the Kids
  • Books on Parenting
  • Personal Growth
  • Fiction

How to Talk so Kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk

Kids Picture book on the body and making babies

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