My TV debut~KSL Studio 5

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I posted on my facebook page on Sunday night that I’d be sharing some photography tips on Monday on a Utah TV station. I’m here visiting family, and about a month ago, I was in contact with a few different people that work with the station, who asked if I’d be interested in coming on their segment and sharing some photography tips.  “Of course, that sounds fun!”  I said immediately.

So here I am on the good ole’ TV show.

For this excursion, I took along a sidekick: my son. I thought it would be a fun experience for us to share together. My hubby had already gone back to Texas, so he was my next natural choice. He was the one that snagged all of these phone pics of me in the studio. And, wow, is this horrible lighting, but I just love this mother son moment.

I don’t generally get too nervous speaking, I teach workshops, no biggie! But I had written up the summary of what I would talk about (after chatting with the host, Brooke, we decided on what I’d present a few weeks before) but I was sent a script based on my post that I wrote up, and I was worried it wouldn’t flow very naturally because of that. My son helped me practice the script a few times in the car on the way to the studio that morning.

In the minutes before, I got pretty nervous.

But then I got my mic to clip on the back of my pants, and I set up my books and camera…
I was actually told to wear bold/bright/jewel tones, and I did just that! I don’t have a problem with bold and bright;)

…and I was SO happy that my segment was first! I was directed where to sit, and I went for it!

The video is no longer online…boohoo.

I was also very excited to meet up with a blogger that I met briefly at SNAP in April. She came up to me, and we got to chit chat before and after our segments. She did a fun segment on kids and snacking during the summertime. Check out Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything (click on this link and you’ll see her video). Here is a little snap of her segment:

That’s all, folks! Thanks for tuning in;)

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