Nativity Fabric Ornaments

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The 10th is here! The best day of the month! With Christmas coming (HOORAY!!!), and trees sure to go up in just a couple of weeks. I made a set of Nativity Fabric Ornaments that I’m excited to share.

Nativity Fabric Ornaments

We are excited this month for the theme to be Handmade Ornaments.

From the Nativity fabric, I cut out the cast of characters, pinned them inside out to red felt, sewed around the edges leaving an opening, stuffed them, then hand stitched it closed with the gold ribbon to hang. Yes, I hand stitched them–I’m such a big girl. It took a few minutes, but nothing a little Hart of Dixie couldn’t fix.

{This is where I would insert the collage of the step by step process I mentioned above, but those images seemed to have disappeared, so just envision it!}

Here is another shot of my Nativity Ornaments on top of the fabric I cut them from. This fabric is a Joann exclusive (so I hear).

handmade ornaments

My daughter thought it was so much fun to play with, I love that she CAN play with it, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking!  Order the fabric HERE. I gotta give my creative-live-in-sister-in-law props for coming up with the idea. It was down to the wire, and my  other idea wasn’t panning out. She already had the fabric–woohoo!  Deadlines sometimes get the best of me!

Hope you enjoy!

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