#50 Navigating Friendships with Teens

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My Chat with Kristen from Be Living Proof was exactly what I needed…a fellow mom of teens, discussing how to be the best parent we can for those pre-adults. Teaching “life isn’t fair” and the sooner you realize that, the better!

Navigating Friendships and Teens

We discussed:

  • teens choosing friends
  • finding new friends when current friends are making different choices
  • how to teach them to have the confidence to make decisions other than their friends
  • Device rules, filters, and flexibility of rules
  • Social media
  • comparisons

We talked about the age she gave her oldest a phone, and the funny story behind that!

And we have the same FAVORITE PARENTING BOOK, but she’s actually read past where I have, and I learned something I need to go look up in that book!

Join the discussion about this episode at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Find Kristen on Instagram at: @Kristen.Be.Living.Proof

Her website: Be Living Proof

Favorite parenting book: How to Talk so Kids will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk

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