#021 Follow Through, Hard Work, and Surrogacy

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Hard work prepared Jessica for her future of flipping houses, running 150 Orthodontic offices, and growing her family with the help of surrogacy.

I’ve known Jessica for 8 years, but still learned so much from our conversation!  She grew up working HARD in the theater her parents ran.  And we talked about how that has blessed her throughout her life, in working hard at whatever it is she is doing. Cleaning urinals and scrubbing gum off of theater chairs turned into flipping houses, starting a DJ karaoke business in college, and now running 150 Orthodontic offices all over the US, Smile Doctors.

Expanding the family with Gestational Surrogacy

Not only did the theater teach her hard work, but she says, “Confidence is built on stage, as well as being quick on your feet.”

They’ve moved a few times, and she speaks of the resilience of kids, and the opportunity for growth when their family has moved. You gain more friendships and experiences.

Living on their working ranch, she hopes to live completely sustained by it someday.

She speaks of her health challenges with Lupus, and how her kids have had to help take care of her at times.

Positivity is key in any ailment that you’re dealing with.

She talks about being “pro child” and not just go along with the norms, but listen to their needs.

The proper way to raise your children is with the proper amount of neglect–listen to hear THAT ONE explained!

Hard Knock rules of life is that you live and learn. Watch your kids make mistakes and fail, the greatest lessons in life.

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Favorite family games:

Pass the Pigs // Cash Flow

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I love pictures at home, this session is some of my faves.



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