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I don’t have anything major to chat about, but I do like to journal from time to time. Did you know I was an avid journaler back in the day?  From 7th grade through high school and college I wrote nearly every day. That’s how I have so much detail in My Love Story, it’s all there. It’s all part of this picture taking thing I do, too. Preserving life. Remembering the details.

cheetah girls

Here are some random details from my past week or so.

  • I was SICK! Ugh, I hate admitting that. I rarely get sick, and when I do, I just push through and keep doing what I normally do. I had a cold that put me in bed. Colds never put me in bed! It was bad, got better, I had a hoarse voice, then it got worse. After 7 days I finally went into the doctor hoping for some sort of miracle and they gave me meds for a sinus infection. I had SOME symptoms, and though I hate taking meds unless I really need to, I needed relief. I paid $50 bucks for drugs, and crossed my fingers. I was SOOOOO happy to feel improvement within 24 hours. Each day has gotten better, and I was able to do a field trip with my girls the day before I got sick and the day after the meds. Hallelujah, I’m so happy I didn’t have to cancel that.
  • Speaking of field trips. I went to the Texas State capital with my older daughter and was the rogue chaperone who let the kids roll down the hill. They loved it, and I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble. When I could tell her teacher saw us, I went with the apologetic look, and she didn’t even care. She was more worried about her students that saw the topless lady protesting something on the capital lawn.
  • My youngest was SO excited to go on her very first field trip, on the school bus, even! She was beaming, and delighted I could be there with her. How can I miss moments like that, when they want me there? These days I like staying home in my pajamas to work on my computer, but can’t pass up stuff like that.
  • Because of my sickness, I didn’t exercise for 2 weeks. Agh! I’m not super happy about my eating habits lately either, and that paired with low exercise, is tipping the scale. I decided to try Dr. Oz’s 3 day detox, and am on day 2. I just need to reset! I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • My boys went camping with scouts last weekend. I sent them off with some new warm clothes, as it’s been in the 30’s-40’s in Texas the past week! My 12 year old went in one truck that was packed to the brim, and we got a call an hour after we dropped him that his backpack/sleeping bag fell out of the truck on the drive, and was not found. We backpacked Europe with that nice backpack. I just bought him new clothes for that night. Nice sleeping bag, pocket knife, scout book, etc. etc. etc. I was adding it all up in my head. His leader felt really bad, and though my husband and I were bummed, it’s just stuff, right? We scrounged the house for more warm stuff, got another sleeping bag, altered our nightly plans, and drove to the campsite to drop off a few more things. I then found out that though both my 12 and 14 year old boys were at the same campout, the 14-15 year old leader wanted my oldest to stay with his group, and not with his brother in the 12-13 year old group. This mama bear got cranky. My husband had to hold me back, and shove me in the car, saying they’d all work it out. I was picturing them huddled together in their tent on that cold night, keeping each other warm! The oldest was going to be shoved into a crowded tent with older kids (which he didn’t want), so I looked at the guy that felt bad that my younger sons stuff fell out of his truck, with eyes like “you owe me” and asked him to help figure something out. He solved the problem…enough for my son. He had an extra tent (who has extra tents laying around?), so each of my sons slept alone in their own tents. Whatever. Some things I just have to let go, right? They were cold, but they survived just fine.
  • On the night of the “camping snaf-u” we had our oldest daughter to ourselves. Instead of the evening out, we had a quick stop to eat after helping her brothers. She took it all in stride, I think just enjoying our undivided attention in the car. The collage below the top picture is of her slurping her shake.
  • Saturday, my husband went to the campout to teach a Fitness merit badge, so that left my girls and I with a morning alone. We got a girl movie, and then had a lunch date. A surprise birthday lunch for my friend Tricia! Tricia is a photographer friend I met almost 5 years ago. She is one of the kindest people I know. It was so great that it worked out so well that we could be there! I decided the girls and I needed to get fancy, so I pulled out their leopard print stuff, and then struggled with mine. I have leopard heels, but didn’t want to wear them with pants. I remembered there is a Charming Charlie’s next door to the restaurant we were headed, and was delighted to grab a $10 scarf to complete our trio! It wasn’t just for that occasion, I’ve been wanting one anyway.
  • My boys had their last two soccer games right after that (I hadn’t seen them since camping) and my girls and I watched from the car, as it was cold and rainy. Luckily our soccer field work perfectly for that kind of spectating.  They ended the season well. I signed them up for private soccer lessons, as my son wants to try out for the middle school team in the spring, and he could use some extra pointers. He tried out last year, didn’t make it, and I applaud him for trying out again, so I’m trying to do what I can to help with that. We’ve done the inexpensive YMCA soccer for years, so I figure I’ve been saving up for this kind of thing. We shall see.
  • If you’ve read some of my past church posts, you’ve seen that for 3 years, I taught the 14-15 year old girls. I loved it so much, but a year ago, my husband was asked to lead all of the youth boys (12-18) and it then becomes a challenge for both of us to work in the youth program. We did it for 6 months, but it was tricky, and I felt ready for a change. Over the summer, I was asked to teach the 3 year olds in the nursery. They aren’t quite ready for a classroom setting, but play toys, have a snack, and sing songs. I’d been in that assignment before, when I had babies, and I kinda resented it. But now, now I’m older. I don’t have babies anymore. Though I was sad not to join the women’s class (after 3 years with the youth) I felt ok being in with the little ones. Little did I know that it would be just what I needed these past few months. It’s been the perfect place for me. I love when they see me out of context and smile. I love to hold them on my lap, and help them fix toys. They will move up to the big kid class in January, and I’m kinda sad about it. It can be tricky at times, there are 11 of them (with 3 adults) and it can be quite the challenge sometimes, but we’ve gotten into a groove with them, and I’ll miss their cute personalities. But new kids will come in, and I’ll love them, too. Below is a picture of them holding in the hall at church with the string after we take them on “nature walks” outside.
  • My husband and I were just asked to be “ma and paw” to a Pioneer Trek the youth in our area will participate in next June. I’m SOOOO excited, as I sorta petitioned myself to be there. Actually, I just strongly emphasized how much I wanted to do it. My husband is less excited about it, as it will be HOT in Texas in June. But it is an adventure I’ve never done, only heard about, and my oldest will be there. I will follow him anywhere!
  • Speaking of my oldest…we have this thing. We get each other. He is seriously the best. We got in trouble at church yesterday. My husband had to separate us. I thought we were pretty quiet, whispering, and all, but my husband kept looking at me with stern eyes to quiet down. Our church meeting was well under way, and I don’t even know what we were whispering about. After a few minutes, he asked Tyler to move to the other side of him (further from me). My son thought HE was in trouble, but I assured him, that I was in more trouble. I think it’s funny. Husband has too good of hearing, I’m pretty sure we were only distracting him.
  • We gave Tyler a cell phone for his birthday. We also gave him a cell phone contract. I thought I might share it here at some point. It has a bunch of “bullet points” to which he signed. It’s a lot of stuff to think about when giving a cell phone, not just the additional cost. I don’t want electronics fully taking over.
  • I’m loving a few new songs from Taylor Swift’s new album. I’ve enjoyed her songs in the past, but I wouldn’t say I’m a super fan. I’d heard so many people talking about the release of the album, 1984, that I listened to the samples of each song on itunes. I ended up really liking 3, and downloading them: Blank Space, How you Get the Girl, and Welcome to New York. I jam to those almost daily!
  • I made a delicious recipe from my friend Jocelyn at Inside BruCrew life. Check out Caramel Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Bread. Except I didn’t do anything caramel. I just did a cream cheese frosting on top.
  • I’ve been trying to update my iOS on my iphone because I want the new version of Instagram (I hear you can now edit your text!!) but I keep deleting pictures, videos, apps, and can’t seem to make enough room. Hopefully, soon, I’ve got my teenager on it!
  • I’ll close with a little story of my friends Heather and Tricia. They’ve posted here and there on my site as contributors. They are my local photographer friends, and we just celebrated a surprise birthday party for Tricia over the weekend. I was waxing nostalgic on Instagram, so thought I’d share the story of how I met them. Nearly 5 years ago (in February) I first met Tricia. I had heard that a Utah photographer that I admired, Angie Monson, would be in Houston holding photo sessions. I thought I’d email her and offer up my assisting services, as I would love to shadow her and help her out (in turn, learning a few tricks). She agreed, though we had never met. It was a pretty crazy day getting down there and back (3 hours one way) all in a day, especially since I was at the tail end of nursing my youngest. A good friend offered to watch her, and I was off. I helped her with a few sessions, then needed to head back to Austin before she was done. As I was leaving, her last family came in to get photographed, and it was Tricia’s family. I was supposed to leave a bit earlier, but was talking to Angie and just had a hard time getting out, so it’s amazing that I was still there when Tricia’s family arrived.  We had the briefest of introductions, I literally shook Tricia’s hand, and started walking away when Angie mentioned that Tricia was also a photographer in Austin. We both got happy looks on our faces and quickly exchanged cards and talked about meeting up.  How often does that happen when you actually follow through? Then, in March I was photographing a maternity session at a spot in my city that I rarely ever go. It was near a barn type spot, and I saw another photographer photographing a high school senior. It’s kinda awkward when you spot another photog, and often competing for space. It was Heather. She was SO nice, and asked if we wanted to borrow her ottoman that she had, for a few shots. I thought, “well sure, thank you.” Because we were both working, we quickly introduced and exchanged biz cards, and were on our way to continue those sessions. I hadn’t met too many other photographers in my city before that, and I wondered if it would be weird to be friends, since they are sorta competition and all. In April, I decided to see if they both wanted to meet up at the park. I invited two other gals I’d met who do photographer, one couldn’t come, the other came for a short time. But Tricia and Heather both came, and met each other for the first time. We let our little ones play (mine just turned 1) as we chatted. Something just clicked. I could tell from the start that these two were the most genuine people, with hearts bursting out of them for joy in life. The 3 of us have photographed each others families, we get together for dinner almost every month, and I am just so grateful for that divine intervention on those days.  About a year after we met, we attended a weekend photography workshop, and last year had a mother daughter sleepover with our girls.  I also got to photograph the birth of Heather’s #3, so fun for me! Most of the close friend I’ve met in my life were through school or church, and there is something so magical about meeting people in the most random of placing, and having it stick, that is just so special. They are so thoughtful, have such great listening ears, love their families passionately, and are truly gems in my life.


Here is a snapshot of what I mentioned above:


Below is a most delicious smoothing from my detox! I wouldn’t have guessed it myself, but I liked it! secret ingredient is pineapples and Coconut oil, they are stronger than the veggie flavors.

It’s the lunch recipe from Dr. Oz 3 day detox.

yummy green smoothie

I welcome thoughts, comments, and questions from any of the above!



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