Open When Letters for Missionaries

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Send your missionary off with these heartfelt “open when” letters to open when they need extra strength.

Open When Letters for Missionaries

My son just departed last week to be a Christian missionary for a two years.  After 6 weeks of training stateside, he will be serving the people of the Dominican Republic. I’m writing all about that in another post if you’d like to know more about it, but I wanted to share here a little something I put together for him with these open when letters.

Encouraging Bible verses

Before he left, I asked a group of Missionary Moms if they had any suggestions for something special I could do in the way of regular letters for him. Several mentioned these open when letters, which was something I wasn’t familiar with. I took to Pinterest to look it up, and sure enough, it’s a THING! There were lots of different types of open when letters, but i wanted to include a list of encouraging Bible verses I had found a long time ago related to moods.  In a nutshell, one letter says, “open when you are feeling discouraged” and there is a Bible verse on the inside that is associated with that feeling.

Encouraging Letters for Missionaries

Encouraging notes

Along with the bible verse on the inside, there is space to write an encouraging note.  This is the perfect place to share a personal experience that goes along with the emotion.  Or you can further explain thoughts on the bible verse included. After I printed and cut out all the notes, I hand wrote some personal notes directly for my son. I roped my husband into helping me too. I think it’s a nice touch to be able to include a story or example in our own words that can help our missionary be thoughtful of how it can relate to him.

Missionary Letters

Open When Letters for Missionaries

Download the Open When Letters here:

You simple PRINT, CUT, and then glue the cover cards to an envelope, write on the lined cards, insert, and then put them all into a big envelope.

I used these 4×6 blue envelopes from Amazon. I love colorful envelopes.

I hid the giant envelope in my sons suitcase to hopefully discover later.

Printable open when letters

PIN IT for later!

Ideas for Encouraging Missionary Letters

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