Our Christmas Card 2012

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I’ve mailed out MOST of our Christmas cards, and I always like to share with my blog readers after I’ve done so. This is the creation I made this year. I really enjoy the whole process:  taking the pictures, designing a card, stuffing, and most importantly slipping the cards into the mail box to send to the people I love! My dear friend Heather from Heather Walker Photography came into our home in October and took the pictures on the front and back of our folded card. I LOVE them so much, and I plan to print the front image on canvas. It’s our family cuddle time, and I feel it shares our love for each other perfectly.

I decided on a folded card, and on the inside, I did a big collage of fun pictures from the year:


copyright Kristen Duke

To see more of the above images, click on:  Utah\Alaska\East Coast\Kids Triathlon\Bluebonnets\Girls in blue

copyright Kristen Duke

 Above images: Halloween\more East Coast\more Alaska (I still have plans to share about the sunglasses pic)

 In the images above, Heather photographed us playing with balloons and making crepes. My husband is a professional crepe maker. At least pro to us! He learned how to make them when he lived in France as a missionary, and we get them nearly every weekend. It’s fun to have documented a fun family tradition. This is the type of photography I’d like to move towards, family memories in the home.

Here is our card printed:

Here are a few more from our family pictures at home:

Family Pictures Taken at Home

Our mini letter: I’ve decided since I share so much on the blog, I want to keep the names of my family private. So I edited it, here is a snippet of our family letter:

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I’ve got my parents AND grandparents in town for Christmas this year, it is enjoyable to hear the stories from my grandparents who are 88, telling my kids they didn’t have electricity or running water in their homes as children.

I’ve successfully delivered 104 bags of treats/gifts to school & church teachers, piano, scout, dance, friends, neighbors, seminary students, youth girls, and those that have  touched our families’ life in the past year. I made about 10 batches of my favorite Christmas Crunch, and also packaged some paper plates as a gift as well.


 {I saw the plate idea HERE and modified it by adding silverware, and more to the poem.}

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I’ve gotten a bunch of cards from you, and I simply LOVE it, thank you! If you still want to send me a card, I’d love it! Get my address HERE.

I’ve got some fun family activities planned in the next week, so you might not see a new post, but follow those links above for some fun light reading in the meantime!

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