Our Christmas Joy

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I don’t have a whole lot of traditions when it comes to the Christmas season. We deliver treats to our friends/neighbors, I send out Christmas cards, and we do matching/coordinating pajamas. My husband keeps saying he doesn’t need anymore PJ’s, but it’s not about a need anymore, it’s one of the traditions I love, and I think that jammy drawer is just going to keep getting filled. Sorry, hubs. I had quite the snafu this year when I realized the girls PJ’s were accidentally being shipped to my brothers house, so I had to hurry and order another set (free shipping return for the 1st set) and THEN I thought those were lost when it said it was delivered and I never saw them. THANK GOODNESS we had a Christmas miracle, and they were found, in a box with another toy (that I had already looked a few times) but found, nonetheless. Here we are in our 2015 #christmasjammies

Christmas Jammies

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I got the girls red plaid pajamas on Amazon and the boys black plaid pajamas at Target.

Christmas Jamies Handstands

This handstand shot was pretty funny to pull off…the littlest one was confused on which direction to face, and her broth just lifted her from the floor to her spot. Then, I had a hard time catching my son’s legs into my hands, and got some good laughs. The above was take 2, below is take 1:

handstan mishap

Camera was on a tripod, set on a timer.

Then we did a little pyramid

family pyramid

Then a good family hug

family hug

I took a test shot, as the family patiently waited for me to get it set up

prepping for pictures

Can you tell the difference between the shots with flash and then high ISO no flash? Different looks…different feels.

Here is our Christmas tree at night…notice there is a section with lights missing? Yeah, it’s been out all month, didn’t even try to figure out how to fix it…

Christmas tree at night

My presents all wrapped with care…I love them all pretty wrapped and coordinated, almost as much as I love planning clothes for family pictures!

christmas presents wrapped

We then said goodbye to the Elf on the Shelf, did you know you can touch him on his last night? Oh, and we have two. (One got lost, we got another, first was found)

goodbye to elf on the shelf

The boys do a great job of playing along…

farewell elf


saying goodbye to elf

After the farewell, the kids went upstairs, built a blanket wall (tradition from my husbands family)

blanket wall for Christmas

Then we all dreamt of sugarplums, and woke up to surprises from Santa

christmas morning excitement

I’ve always had a thing about waiting til the sun comes up to start the morning, even more so once I really wanted nice pictures. Luckily, my kids are good with that, and sleep in anyway. We started at 8:30.

christmas morning

I really was focusing (TRYING) to simplify with gift giving this year. So the stockings were just some treats, toothbrushes, and socks/under roo’s.

opening presents

Little Simba got a mini dog bone

simba got a bone for christmas

I like the present opening to last a long time, so we do one at a time, little one loved going behind the tree to pull everything out

presents behind the tree

I got some mini gifts with bows, I love bows

opening presents together

Boys got a fit bit, that’s pretty much it!

CHristmas morning opening presents

We got an Amazon Echo from my dad as our family gift. That was fun to play with all day.

family Christmas

My daughter opened her big gift…

buffalo plaid paper

A pogo stick

pogo stick

One last family picture before breakfast

merry christmas


Christmas breakfast

Then, spent the rest of the day playing new games and legos and relaxing

Christmas play time

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