Our homemade bed

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I really wanted to wait for our whole room transformation to be done before posting, but I thought it’d be done by now and we’re not even close….here is JUST the bed.   My hubby is VERY handy.  Likes to build things.  Build furniture. In May we upgraded from a Queen to a King mattress…so I guess that means…new bedding, new bed, and how about an entire room transformation?  Ok!  The hardest part was deciding exactly what I wanted.  Originally, I wanted a sleigh bed, and he had plans (in his head) for doing that.  But after research, I knew I wanted more straight lines.  Above is the bed he built…with a plan that stemmed from this Remodelaholic tutorial.  I went to our local Restore and got a bunch of old kitchen cabinets.   

This is the look of our Master just before our new bed.  He build the headboard a few years ago.  I have never had a REAL bed, and I wanted the whole shebang…headboard, footboard, and connected with the sideboards.

While waiting for the bed to finish….this is our temporary sleeping quarters.  By the way, we tested out a bunch and ended up getting the icomfort mattress from Serta.  Mainly because of the cooling gel memory foam, my hubby doesn’t like being warm. He is also in the health field, and he see’s a lot of injury’s resulting in years of sleep on bad mattresses.

Here, we have my boys prepping the cabinet doors.  If I knew better, I wouldn’t have purchased particle board with a thin layer of plastic stuff on top.  $3 each…I just didn’t know better.

Then we got some lumber….

And I know I have pics somewhere of the process, but I can’t seem to locate them.  Check Remodelaholic for details and a plan.

She looks pretty, doesn’t she?

We enlisted the kids with the priming and the painting. Not because we needed the help, but because I wanted them to feel a sense of ownership in helping in this project. I kept going back and forth on what color to paint the bed.  I wanted to do yellow at first…but then didn’t know how to plan the side tables and bedding and drapery with that in mind.  THEN, I found this beauty and was THRILLED!  Metallic silver–LOVE it!!!

They only sold them in little jars at Home Depot, but this new Martha Stewart paint line had some really great colors!  I love that it isn’t just grey, but metallic!

Then we got the room ready…

The back of the footer would not be seen, so we didn’t mess with it…still in its original condition.

This badboy is HEAVY.  Maybe I was slightly groaning as we carried it. (In my jammies, here).

Then my hubby set to work to assemble it.  He had all the calculations in his head and had it all figured out.

Voila!!!  I really do love the silver.  A lot.

I just found the bedding on clearance at Target.  I have had big plans to make one, and my friend Debra and I have a plan of how we will sew it…but its just a low priority right now.  My friend Amy is currently making drapes for me, then I will paint the side tables, then some pillows, then maybe some wall paint….

more pillows to come…though my hubby is not excited about an excess of pillows, I tell him it will hopefully inspire me to make the bed every day!

Here is some of the fabric that I will use to accessorize the room with pillows and on the wall, etc. Drapes are turquoise and white.

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