#029 Tiffany & Kierstyn // Parenting after Abuse and Divorce

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I LOVE the mission that Tiffany and Kierstyn are on, and I’m so grateful they are willing to share their stories about being abuse victims and parenting after divorce in episode #29 of the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast.

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They are out to bless the world, and free victims from broken-ness in relationship trauma. It’s a brave journey they are taking, and I whole heartedly commend them! They want to help abuse victims become better, and I’m very happy to help spread their message with all of you.

I believe in marriage, in working through issues, in forgiveness.  But when it comes to abuse, I fully support the abuse victims getting out. They talk about the shame, but they want the world to know that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

These ladies talk a lot about what we can do NOW, as we are raising our children, to help them feel their own individual worth.  And I was EATING IT UP! “It’s not enough that we are saying uplifting things to our kids.  They have to say it to themselves. “I wanted the outside world to think that my family was great.  And I did a good job hiding my pain, and I didn’t tell a soul.”

I just hope and pray that the words of these ladies will bless others.  And if you know someone that would benefit from hearing their stories.  PLEASE share this episode with them. I’m so grateful they are willing to share their hearts to bless others. There is such a great need for that. I think there are so many people who feel stuck in an abusive relationship.  And they need to know they ARE WORTH MORE! I love what Kierstyn shared about teaching our children to love themselves.  And how Tiffany is keeping an open conversation with her adult children.

Listen on iTunes or right here:

The Relationship Recovery

Please see the links in the show notes to find them on their website and social media.  And you can also join their forum and check out the workshops and resources they have to offer at TheRelationshipRecovery.com . I would love you to join me over on instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to discuss this episode, and give Tiffany and Kierstyn some LOVE and THANK THEM for sharing their story! Share on instagram what tidbit you are taking home.

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